29 bottles of liquid marijuana seized in Pasay

Bureau of Customs seized about 29 bottles of liquid marijuana in Pasay City.

Liquid marijuana was recovered in luggage at the Central Mail Exchange Center.

According to Gerard Javier of the Drug Interdiction Task Group, the baggage is from Utah.

A woman went to the area to retrieve the luggage, and so she was immediately arrested.

According to the suspect’s statement, liquid marijuana was used for medicinal purposes and sold for P1,000 per bottle.

But according to Customs, medical marijuana remains illegal in the Philippines.

Medical Marijuana

The term medical marijuana refers to using the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant, or its essential extracts to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions.

Medical marijuana is used for pain, nausea, muscle spasms, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, low appetite, sleep problems, autism, epilepsy (seizure disorders), and other conditions.

The health benefits of medical marijuana include relief from pain and muscle spasm, nausea associated with chemotherapy, and anorexia.

According to studies, the side effects of medical marijuana are minimal when used at low doses and include dry mouth and fatigue. At higher doses, side effects include dizziness, paranoia, and psychoactive effects.

Maguindanao massacre verdict: Andal, Zaldy Ampatuan guilty

Former Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr., the alleged leader of the killing force, and former Autonomous Region in Ex-Muslim Gov. Zaldy Ampatuan were found guilty of killing 58 victims in one of the most violent crimes in the country, the Maguindanao massacre.

Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 221 Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes’ decision on Maguindanao Ampatuan massacre verdict was being released today, December 19, 2019.

The two Ampatuans are found guilty beyond unreasonable doubt and convicted to suffer Reclusión Perpetua.

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