25th Philippine Eagle bred in captivity – “Mabuhay” – turns two years old

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25th Philippine Eagle Bred In Captivity Turns 2 in City – www.philippineslifestyle.com

The Philippines is celebrating the second birthday of the 25th Philippine Eagle bred in captivity. The eagle, named Mabuhay, lives in the Philippine Eagle Foundation in Malagos, Calinan, near City.

The foundation said that Mabuhay was in good condition and had shown a hearty appetite and increase in weight. The eagle is the first offspring of Pag-asa, a second-generation captive-bred Philippine Eagle from the same centre. 

The success of the breeding programme gives hope to those working to protect the endangered bird.

“We hope another Philippine eaglet will be produced in the next breeding season,” PEF curator Anna Mae Sumaya said.

Thanks to an anonymous “ninang” (godmother) who adopted her since she was only a week old through the PEF’s programme, Mabuhay’s veterinary care, maintenance and food are being provided for. Mabuhay’s ninang gives over 150,000 pesos as financial support annually and sponsored Mabuhay’s second hatch day celebration.

A Keeper Talk and other awareness information was part of the 2 year celebration at the Philippine Eagle Foundation. 

Today, reportedly fewer than 500 pairs of Philippines Eagles exist in the country, including those seen in the wild and in conservation. Of those numbers, approximately 30 Philippine Eagles are being kept in captivity at the centre in Malagos.