21,000 Filipinos leaving PH to be with their foreigner partners abroad

Based on the Commission on Filipinos Overseas data from 2014 to 2018, nearly 21,000 Filipinos are leaving the Philippines to be with their foreigner spouse or partners abroad.

This translates to a total of 104,000 Filipinos, 91% of which are Filipinas.

In 2017, there were 419,675 marriages (96.5%) between Filipino grooms and Filipino brides, while 15,257 (3.5%) involved foreign nationals., according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.
Among foreign nationals, the highest frequency of intermarriages involved Filipino grooms and Australians (298) followed by Chinese (273), Americans (162), Canadians (135), and Japanese (123) brides.
On the other hand, the highest number of intermarriages involved Filipino brides and American grooms (3,168), followed by Japanese (1,490).

21,000 Filipinos leaving PH to be with their foreigner partners abroad

Research of scriptwriter Eero Francisco in 2017 said there is a “predominant pattern” of Filipinas marrying foreigners in Cebu and “not everyone marry for love.”
In the Philippines, Filipinos who marry a foreigner are stereotyped as “gold-diggers who are only after a green card.”
An episode in Kapuso Mo with last year featured single Filipino women have found their happily-ever-afters in the Faroe Islands, a faraway land, between Iceland and Norway.

According to the show, it started when Faroese women of the islands began to find abroad.

The men on the island, then, didn’t have any women to marry. As a way to find their true love, the men went to chat rooms online. There, they found women from either Thailand or the Philippines.

Meanwhile, more and more foreigners come to Raffy Tulfo asking for help. Read: Foreigner cheated by Pinay ex-girlfriend flies to PH for help

They are of different nationalities, but all are victims of Filipinas they met online whom they have given lots of money and properties only to be heartbroken in the end. They would come to the show with the hope they would get everything back from their ex-girlfriends.