3 nursing students killed in Caloocan

Three nursing students were found dead on Sunday in Caloocan City after being allegedly stabbed by construction workers, according to police.

Caloocan police have arrested two construction workers who are considered persons of interest in the crime while two more suspects are wanted.

The victims were identified as Mona Ismael, Glydel Belonio, and Arjay Belencio; all were found dead in a makeshift house.

According to Levan Belencio, Arjay’s father, his brother, who lives in London, left Arjay and his friend Belonio to look after his house.

Another victim, Isamel, also lived with the two friends to review the upcoming nursing board exam.

According to Dario Menor, chief of the Caloocan police, Arjay discovered that some construction workers were cheating on them.

It allegedly includes overpriced construction materials purchased and the use of marijuana.

Theft is one of the motives behind the crime because Arjay’s 2 ATMs are missing, Menor said. The ATM allegedly contained the spent on the construction of the house.

Meanwhile, Caloocan police arrested a man from Manila who allegedly killed a in the city on September 11.

The suspect, Jerome Tayubong, allegedly stabbed the victim after he was robbed.

The victim sustained 30 stab wounds.

According to the police, the suspect pretended to be someone looking for someone in the area, so the victim opened the door.

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Dead man found on roof in Caloocan

Weeks earlier, a dead man was found on the roof of a house in  City after residents were disturbed by its foul smell.

Ronnie Buendia, a resident of Phase 8, Barangay Bagong Silang, said they found the man’s corpse lying on the roof of his neighbor’s house after another neighbor discovered it at their terrace around 8 in the morning.

The man was almost unrecognizable because he is already bloated and swollen.

Buendia said they have no idea how the dead man got into the roof he said they heard a thump and a voice from an unknown direction.

He added the are had been stinking since then until the smell became unbearable.