2 men found dead beside an SUV in Pasig

Two men with bullet wounds in different parts of the body were found dead next to a sports utility vehicle (SUV) parked near the Manggahan Floodway in Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Pasig City, yesterday morning.

Authorities are still investigating the identities of the victims, as well as the suspects of crimes.

According to a Pasig City Police report, it was around 2:00 am when the bodies were found lying next to a white Mitsubishi Montero, without a license plate, and parked on East Bank Road, Brgy. Sta. Lucia.

Investigation revealed that residents of the area heard about five gunshots.

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2 men found dead beside an in Pasig

A short time later, a witness came to the scene and discovered the bloody bodies of the victims and reported them to the police.

The Pasig Emergency Unit responded, but the victims were declared dead. They said the victims were not from Pasig, but it is possible that someone from the area knew them.

The suspects already flee the scene when the authorities arrived at the scene.

Authorities are investigating whether the could be related to an illegal drug transaction after discovering two sachets of from the eyeglass case of one of the victims, which has an estimated cost of P100,000.

The investigation is ongoing.