DOH: 2.1 Filipinos now fully vaccinated against COVID-19

The Department of Health Monday reported that over two million Filipinos already completed their doses of vaccines.

Up to eight million  have been administered to the people since the vaccination program began in March.

According to the National Vaccination Operations Center (NVOC), up to 8,050,711 have been distributed out of the 14,205,870 doses received by the country.

Some 5,953,810 received the first dose, and 2,096,901 completed the two doses.

Of those fully , 1,053,378 or 94.24 percent were health workers (A1). A total of 1,939,599 senior citizens (A2) were given the first dose, while 536,476 were fully vaccinated.

Of the persons with comorbidities (A3), 498,925 received the two doses, while 2,005,206 received the first dose.

Of the essential workers (A4), 452,600 received the first dose, and 8,127 were fully vaccinated. A total of 23,826 belonging to the indigent sector (A5) were also vaccinated.

The average daily administered doses over the past week were 208,809.

DOH: 2.1 Filipinos now fully vaccinated against COVID-19

“The is urging eligible populations belonging to priority groups A1 to A5 to register with their local government units, get vaccinated, and complete the required number of doses as scheduled,” the DOH said.

“Regardless of vaccination status, everyone is urged to continue practicing the minimum public health standards as you may still get infected with COVID-19 and infect other people.”

There are currently 3,991 vaccination sites in the Philippines.

Last month, the OCTA Research group projected that Metro Manila could achieve herd against  in less than two months if 300,000  doses would be given in the capital region per day.

According to OCTA Research fellow Fr. Nicanor Austriaco O.P., 70 percent of the estimated 13.8 million Filipinos in Metro Manila or 9.66 million adults should be inoculated to achieve herd in Metro Manila.

“For herd immunity, if we are going to vaccinate 100,000 doses per day, it would take 6 months, 200,000, three months, and 300,000, one a half months,” he said.

“If we want to achieve herd in the  by Christmas, the target has to be around 200,000 doses per day in the NCR,” he added.

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