What took so long? 17 airport security staff sacked over bullet planting scam


What have we here? A security officer makes a “chance discovery”

The Office of Transportation Security (OTS) has released its results in the bullet planting scam known as ‘tanim-bala.’

The report – stating the bleeding obvious – found that most bullets found in passengers’ luggage were planted.


So far, 17 employees have been sacked. The OTS is continuing to investigate, in order to identify when most of the scams took place.

In all, 267 tanim-bala cases were recorded in September and October alone.

The report also said that from January to October of 2015, more than 1,400 passengers were apprehended for bringing bullets into the airport. Throughout this time, police and courts sided with security personnel, despite the obvious truth staring them in the face.


Out of the 1,400 recorded, only 70 were officially charged. The others, presumably, opted to cough up an “on-the-spot fine”.

Fox News recently dubbed the Philippines as “the lamest country in the world” due to the prevalence of the tanim-bala scam.

Fox News anchor Greta van Susteren, called out the Philippines during her “Off the Record” broadcast.

Her story involved the likes of a Filipino-American friend who was victimised at Manila’s NAIA airport in the “laglag bala” extortion scheme.

Susteren said “This scam is all part of a plot to extort money out of the international traveller.”

She also said her information indicated that officials  “plant live ammunition in luggage and then bust international travellers for having bullets, even holding some passengers for days, telling them they can pay a fine or sit in the slammer facing charges.”

She went on to lambaste the Philippines by saying “I know what you’re thinking – what is wrong with some people? My answer, I just don’t know.”

Susteren then added her thoughts by saying the Philippines is “the lamest country of the day.”

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