14 attended burial, arrested in Negros Occidental

Police have arrested 14 people who attended a in Barangay Pag-ayon in Pulupandan town, Negros Occidental, for allegedly violating the quarantine protocol against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Pulupandan Police chief Capt. Junji Liba said before the on Sunday, they already told the relatives of the deceased, including the barangay chairman, that only family members would be allowed to attend the funeral following the implemented guidelines for the general community quarantine.

Physical distancing should be observed, and large gatherings should be avoided in GCQ areas.

But according to Liba, despite their notice, around 80 people attended the burial, and they even have marshalls.

The police apprehended them when they approached near the police station. Only members were allowed to proceed in the cemetery.

Only 14 of those who attended were arrested because most of them fled quickly.

Police also said they saw them jammed in tricycles.

Those arrested will face a violation of the Republic Act 151 or the Resistance and Disobedience to a Person in Authority.

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Parents name child ‘John Covid’ in

Parents in the province of named their baby boy “John Covid” because they consider him a blessing amid the outbreak.

John Covid was born April 8 in Valladolid town as the second child of Jose Roquero Castillon, a policeman, and Jemma Castillon, a teacher.

According to the couple, amidst the challenges and hardships of the pandemic, John Covid’s birth was a reminder that there is positive that happened as well.

“John,” they say, is a biblical name that means the Lord’s humility and grace. Thus, “John Covid” for them is a reminder that amid the crisis, the Lord’s grace is not lost.

The couple does not deny that some speak negatively about the name of their second child. But, they just let it go.

The couple hopes that John Covid will be humble as he grows up and will be a blessing to those he meets.

As of May 4, the country has 9,485 confirmed cases, 623 deaths, and 1,315 recoveries.

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