13 policemen allegedly involved in theft, torture and rape in Cebu City

Multiple complaints have been filed against 13 policemen for allegedly stealing and torturing a woman in Cebu City. Another woman was also allegedly victimized by the police and even exploited at the motel.

In a report by Emil Sumangil on News “Saksi” on Wednesday, it was said that the policemen and their chief have been removed from their posts at the Sawang Celero Police Station.

Eleven policemen have been detained while two are still being sought.

The victim said the police arrived at their house on March 26.

Unable to find what they were looking for, the police confiscated the victim’s valuables and cellphone.

The woman was also taken to the police station and allegedly tortured there.

Three days later, she was released.

But before that, the group first allegedly victimized another woman on March 9.

She said the police were looking for a gun and when they could not find any, they took her money, valuables, and jewelry.

13 policemen allegedly involved in theft, torture and rape in Cebu City

The victim was allegedly forced to withdraw P170,000 and taken to a motel where she was exploited by a police officer.

It was not allowed to take the side of the police.

Last month, ACT Teachers Party-list Representative France Castro urged the Supreme Court to investigate the “factory of search warrants” that was used during simultaneous police operations on Sunday that lead to arrests and killings of activists in Calabarzon.

Castro denounced the “Tokhang-style” operations, claiming that the Duterte administration has been using search warrants to set-up and plant firearms against progressive groups’ leaders and members.

“We urge the Supreme Court to review its rule allowing executive  of Quezon City and Manila to issue search warrants valid nationwide and the seeming complicity of several with by their issuance of search warrants in violation of the Rules of Court,” Castro said.

“The tagging of human rights defenders and progressives as ‘members of the NPA and ’ has been the line of the government to discredit, terrorize and demonize their legitimate calls for genuine change, which often lead to more human rights violations,” she added.