13 detainees escape in Caloocan

The pursuit of 13 detainees who escaped the Caloocan custodial facility next to City Hall on Thursday morning continues.

According to Police Col. Dario Menor, 15 detainees escaped from the facility of COVID-19 positive detainees or those who underwent coronavirus testing, but 2 were caught who said they had been planning an escape for a long time.

Some of the detainees have already spent 21 days in the facility or beyond the virus’s 14-day incubation period.

According to police, the fugitives slowly demolished the rear wall of the jail where the 2 policemen were stationed.

The perpetrators face charges of illegal possession of firearms, drugs while others are minor offenses such as violating the curfew.

Below is the list of names of the detainees:

1. Martin Mama
2. Gerrymar Petilla
3. Hudson Jeng
4. Aldwin Jhoe Espila
5. Reymark Delos Reyes
6. Norbert Alvarez
7. Mark Oliver Gamutia
8. Jovel Toledo Jr
9. Arnel Buccat
10. Raymond Balasa
11. Reynaldo Bantiling
12. Dunacao Aries
13. Tejeros Justine

According to police, two policemen stationed at the facility when the detainee fled will face administrative and criminal charges.

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14-year-old boy shot in Tondo

The family of a 14-year-old boy is mourning after unknown assailants shot him in Barangay 56, Zone 5, Tondo, Manila, on Wednesday.

On CCTV, the victim, Deejay Cabilin, can be seen sitting with a group in the covered court next to the barangay hall at 11 pm when two men on a motorcycle arrived.

The rider got off and approached Cabilin and shot him.

The young man was still standing and ran to the back of the parked SUV.

He was rushed to the but was also killed by a bullet wound to the head.

Cabilin’s 16-year-old niece was also injured in the shooting.

During the investigation by the Manila Police District homicide section, the young man was in the barangay hall at that time after he allegedly stabbed another minor at a computer shop in another barangay.

The happened as they waited for the complaining family to arrive.

It is still unknown whether the murder of Cabilin was related to the alleged complaint.