1 dead, 1 injured in drinking session amid ECQ in Caloocan


Despite the implementation of the , a 31-year-old man was killed after one of his drinking buddies shot him in City.

Iñigo Jayondato, 31, helper of Masaya St., was pronounced dead on arrival at Commonwealth Medical Center Brgy. 181 Pangarap Village due to bullet wound to the chest while Luis Moreno, 63, was treated at East Avenue Medical Center after a stray bullet hit his knee.


Investigators said witnesses Maria Joycylin Moreno, 31, and a friend named Apol, were drinking at their home in Malaya St. when Parulan came and joined them for a drink.

A few minutes later, Jayondato and a friend named Max arrived and then joined the drinking session, which caused Parulan to leave. Parulan was allegedly holding grudges against the victim.

When Parulan returned, he was now armed with an unidentified firearm and shot Jayondato but missed. The witness, Maria Moreno, then tried to break the fight.


However, the suspect fired at the victim again, but Jayondato was able to get out. The victim, Luis Moreno, was hit by a bullet in his knee.

Parulan chases after Jayondato, and when he cornered him, he shot the victim in the chest before fleeing in an undetermined direction.

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Police report 101,000 ECQ violators

Joint Task Force CoronaVirus Shield (JTF CV Shield) of the Philippine National Police reported there more than 101,000 individuals who violated the provisions of the Luzon-wide community quarantine.

Some 101,974 people were either warned, arrested, or fined after violating quarantine protocols.

The joint task force said that of the number, 72,265 individuals were warned, 4,727 were fined, while 24, 982 were arrested.

Authorities also arrested 675 suspects in Luzon who are allegedly selling overpriced medical supplies during the pandemic COVID-19 crisis.

The Philippine government extended the total lockdown in Luzon until April 30 with the hope to flatten the curve of the new coronavirus.

As of April 14, the number of confirmed cases in the country surpassed the 5,000 mark, which is 5,223. The number of fatalities meanwhile is 335, and recoveries are already 295.