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A history of building: The Seven Man-made Wonders of the Philippines

Without question, the Philippines is best known for its natural wonders, ranging from towering volcanoes to pristine coral reefs. While the country can’t boast anything truly monumental like the Pyramids of Giza or Mount Rushmore, it does have its fair share of remarkable constructions. Here is our pick of the Seven Man-made…

The 2000-year-old Ifugao rice terraces – a true staircase to heaven

The rice terraces of Ifugao were carved into the Cordillera Mountain Ranges of Northern Luzon during the time of Jesus Christ. The mountains are home to various indigenous tribes which are collectively known as the Ingorot. Elevations exceed 7,000 feet in some places, but the rice terraces are found at 5,000 feet and below….