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Bureau of Immigration deported record number of criminals in 2016

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) deported 135 foreign criminals last year, more than double the tally for 2015. South Koreans were the biggest cohort with 80 crooks sent home, followed by 25 Chinese and 19 Americans. Also in the list were three Taiwanese, two Canadians, an Australian, a Japanese, a…

You report, or we deport! Bureau of Immigration lays down law to foreigners

THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) has warned that foreigners who fail to report for annual registration will be deported from the Philippines. The strict policy comes as the BI confirmed that the application deadline will not be extended, and remains set at Friday, March 3. Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente also said…

They come in peace? Nearly 10,000 “undesirable aliens” barred from Philippines

Nearly 10,000 “undesirable aliens” were barred from entering the Philippines last year, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) has announced. It seems that Chinese people are the least desirable visitors, with 2,034 turned away, followed by 269 Indians, 179 Vietnamese, 163 Americans and 119 Indonesians. Reasons for refused entry include being…

“How cheating wife plotted with lover to get me thrown into jail”

A MAN who claims he was set up by his cheating wife has finally walked free from detention after 18 months of “pure hell”. Speaking exclusively to PLN, airline captain Peter Bjarnason, aged 60, said he was now planning legal action against his estranged wife Victoria, 47, and her alleged lover….