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How to enjoy the stunning Banaue rice terraces on a budget

  The cheapest, but lengthy, way to reach the rice terraces is to take a bus out of Manila or Angeles City.  The first thing you should try to do is stay in Baguio City for a couple of nights. If staying in Baguio on a budget, there are plenty of…

The secret coves of Zambales and the endless white beaches of Luzon

Zambales province is located approximately 125 kilometers northwest of Manila on the island of Luzon.  It is only one hour from Clark Airport and easy to get to. Zambales is known best for the deep water harbour of Subic Bay, but the hidden treasures of the province are in the beaches…

Windowless planes: Will they ever take off?

  For numerous travellers, the window seat gives you the optimal pleasure of seeing the world far below. That experience could be a thing of the past as the future of aircraft and super-sonic jets starts to take shape, with the suggestion that windows could become a thing of the past….

All flights to and from Tacloban Airport are suspended

  The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines has suspended flights in and out of Tacloban Airport – the main gateway to the island of Leyte – due to  “pavement erosion”. Smaller turbo-prop airplanes have been told they can resume landing and taking off within a week. Larger air-carriers have…