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“Elephants of the ocean” disappearing from Philippine waters

A new study reveals that some of the largest fish in the waters of the Philippines have all but disappeared due to unsustainable fishing. Threatened species include the green bumphead parrotfish, the humphead wrasse, the African pompano, the giant grouper and the mangrove red snapper. The authors of the study, published this week…

World Bank Grants $67 Million for Renewable Energy Projects

MANILA, Philippines – The World Bank has approved a total of $67 million (USD) in financial assistance for two renewable energy projects within the country. The institution announced this past week that its board of directors had approved a $44 million (USD) loan guarantee for the Philippines Renewable Energy Project….

Fears grow that El Nino will create global rice shortage

All of Asia is expected to suffer a major rice shortage after production has been hit by El Nino and other extreme weather patterns. Experts believe the shortage will spark an international pricing issue that will cause many to go without. A report in The Independent,  quotes the International Rice Research Institute…

PH Signs the Paris Climate Agreement

PARIS, France – (Official Gazette) – In a statement delivered after the signing, the Philippines highlighted the steps it has taken to pursue national actions to address climate change through its intended nationally determined contribution (INDC). “Despite financial limitations, the Philippines has already demonstrated its commitment to meeting its pledge…