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Man attempted to board Basilan ferry with dead baby in luggage

Baby on board: Custom officers spotted the dead baby when scanning a passenger’s luggage at Zamboanga City port

A scan of a passenger’s bag at Zamboanga City Port today (Thursday, June 29) revealed that he was carrying a dead baby.

The bag was in the possession of Alex Insana, aged 33, who was attempting to board a morning ferry bound for the island of Basilan.

When questioned, Mr Insana said his aunt Andah Kabulot had given birth to the stillborn baby and asked him to take it to their native island where it could be buried in accordance with Muslim practises.

He admitted that he had failed to secure the appropriate documents for travelling with the tiny corpse.

The body was taken to a local hospital where it was confirmed dead. After relatives had corroborated his account of events, a death certificate was issued and Mr Insana was released.