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Philippine bachelor party organiser reveals weirdest client requests

After organising bachelor parties in the Philippines, when I first saw The Hangover, I thought it was a documentary

As you’d imagine, organising bachelor parties in the Philippines has its moments. Some are only to be expected — such as colossal alcohol consumption and the cruellest of pranks played on grooms-to-be. However, every once in a while, we at GNTours receive requests that take things to a whole new level. Here are some of the most bizarre requests we have received from our patrons:

One time, a group of “nice” Catholic-raised chaps wanted to hit the streets of Manila to send their friend off into the clutches of matrimony.

Naturally, they thought it would be awesome if they could balance the sin on their trip with the help of a local priest. Their request read: “Hi GNT, is it possible to have a priest follow us around so we can repent after every bar we visit?”

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We contacted some local clergymen (obviously, there’s no shortage in the Philippines) and their replies were all flat-out “no”.

Eventually, we agreed with the party organisers to provide them with a priest ordained and outfitted by ourselves. A friend of ours, Jimmy, happily volunteered, for a few pesos and the promise of fun. However, it was difficult to find him an outfit, as he happens to be a dwarf, but we managed eventually.

As agreed, after the party left the first bar, “father Jimmy” was outside to meet them. Before the bachelor could process what was going on, Jimmy gave him a penitential punch in the balls, and ran away.

Despite the bachelor now being primed for Jimmy’s appearance, the cunning little clergyman always took him by surprise, to the delight of the bachelor’s sadistic friends.

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A second great experience, albeit absurd, was a group of gentlemen who thought the idea of having their stag being followed around by women who looked like both his mother and mother-in-law would be a great idea.

Photos were sent along with details of certain quirks and personality traits and so off we set to find the perfect impersonators.

As the gents were of Asian descent, it wasn’t too difficult to find a couple of similar middle-aged women in Manila. We were also asked to arm them with wooden spoons when they joined the party on a cruise of Manila harbour.

These ladies really got into their roles and were fierce. Despite handing out numerous whacks to all and sundry, they also bonded with the party (as long as they weren’t “naughty”, and then “whack!”) I’ll never forget the strange group dynamics I witnessed between a middle-aged Asian lady, an exotic dancer and a businessman from Singapore. Definitely one not to forget.

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At GNT we aim to please all customers as long as their requests are within legal boundaries. We don’t judge, we deliver. In fact, we encourage the weird and wonderful, especially for an event such as a buck’s party, and there’s no better place for such an event than the Philippines. Hands down, this is one of the weirdest jobs I’ve ever had.

To organise your unique bachelor party, contact our friends at GNTours, who can turn (almost) any request into reality…