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At least 26 dead after out-of-control bus plunges into ravine

The aftermath of the bus crash. Picture by Ardz Tayambong

At least 26 people were killed and at least 20 injured after a bus plunged down a ravine in Nueva Ecija this morning (Tuesday, April 18).

Local police chief Senior Inspector Robert de Guzman confirmed the death toll after a Leomarick Trans bus veered off the road in Capintalan village in Carranglan, Nueva Ecija, at about 11am.

He added that 22 injured passengers were taken to nearby hospitals where two later died of their injuries.

The bus was travelling from Isabela province to Candon City in Ilocos Sur when its brakes failed on a steep winding road.

“When we responded, we just found the bodies lying in the accident area, lifeless,” the police chief told Rappler in Filipino. He added that the bus was a “total wreck” after falling into the 80-foot-deep ravine.

Based on eyewitness reports, he said the bus driver was speeding and had overtaken other vehicles before the catastrophe.

The identity of the victims has not yet been ascertained.

Carranglan Mayor Mary Abad told ABS-CBN television that there were 60 passengers onboard even though the bus had an official capacity of just 45.

“The road is really risky,” she said. “There are many ravines along that road going to Abra.”

Dr Arlene Jara, chief of the nearby provincial hospital treating the wounded, said children were among those injured.

The Malacañang has conveyed its condolences to the families of the victims. Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said: “We guarantee that the culprits behind the fatal bus mishap will be held accountable.”

3 Comments on "At least 26 dead after out-of-control bus plunges into ravine"

  1. I love the classic “the brakes failed”. Every major accident has been caused by brakes failing, not by driver stupidity.

  2. Everyone knows buses in the Philippines drive at INSANE SPEEDS.
    If the brakes failed, which I doubt, it was because the company doesn’t enough spend money on maintenance.
    Those bus companies force the drivers to go too fast.
    They only care about profits.
    When this bus crashed, the company only was sad for the loss of a bus.

  3. The Dogs Back Wheels | April 25, 2017 at 9:21 pm |

    It is about time these bus companies have to take into account the loss of life as well as the injured.Meaning not just pass P10,000 to help with the burials , but also loss of earnings for everyone involved. so many lose out when these buses crash and while the bus may have its license reviewed , they seem to be back running once the heat has died down.They need to be fined out of existence. Far to much is placed on the driver to take out unroad worthy vehicals , speed to get from A to B as quick as, and also to carry as many people that can be squeezed in.These guys also have to do there own maintenance. If you don’t follow suite you don’t have a job and in this case the driver doesn’t have a life.

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