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Woman dies on operating table during triple cosmetic surgery procedure

An investigation into the death is continuing

An attractive 29-year-old Filipina died on the operating table while undergoing breast enlargement, buttock enhancement and liposuction.

Shiryl Saturnino died at the Icon Clinic in Mandaluyong City, east of Manila, on Sunday.

The series of procedures began after her arrival at the clinic at 5pm on Saturday and ended when she was found not to be breathing at 2.40am the next day.

After attempts to revive her failed, the doctors sought the assistance of Makati Medical Center. But it was too late, and she was declared dead at 3.21am.

The parents of the victim Noli and Shirley Saturnino have not filed a case against the clinic and are currently waiting for the results of the autopsy and the ongoing investigation.

The doctors may face charges of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide said Mandaluyong police chief Joaquin Alva.

The legal counsel of the clinic told The Inquirer that Ms Saturnino was a “valued and regular patient whom we took care of for many years”.

Lawyer Estelita Cordero continued: “Right now, there is an ongoing investigation on what really caused the passing of Ms Saturnino.

“It is our responsibility to inform the public about the truth and we are fully cooperating with the investigation.

“We will provide the public with additional information once we have gathered all facts and official data. In the meantime, the Icon Clinic is fully operational in servicing our valued patients.”

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  1. The Dogs Back Wheels | March 30, 2017 at 2:49 pm |

    A Philippine hospital is not the place you would what to go when your ill , But willingly go into one for operations that are not needed.She should of had a Lobotomy as well.

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