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Appeal to help 69-year-old who has carried her paralysed daughter for 27 years [video]

A mother’s love: This 69-year-old has carried her daughter on her back whenever away from her house for 27 years, fearing she would be raped if left home alone

An appeal has gone out to help a devoted mother who has been forced to carry her paralysed daughter on her back for almost three decades.

Julieta Lorenzo’s daughter Mary Jane, aged 30, has been severely disabled since she was three and cannot speak or feed herself.

Since then, her 69-year-old mum has carried her everywhere she goes, for fear that she would be raped if left at home alone in Bolo village, on the outskirts of Roxas.

Because of the steep root-clogged path that leads to their home it is impossible for the pair to use a wheelchair. It is believed there are no other family members able to help them.

The rough path to their modest home, where they have lived for 25 years, makes using a wheelchair impossible

Their plight came to light when Facebook user Gilbred Cargason Alsagon Jr shared photos and a video of the two visiting a bank to collect Julieta’s 2,000 peso monthly pension — their only source of income.

His video shows Julieta politely refusing the help of a security guard as she hoists her daughter onto her back.

In his post, Gilbred wrote: “The daughter was paralysed since she was three years old.

“They were living together on their own and Nanay Julieta had to carry her daughter every time she has to go downtown, fearing that her daughter will be raped if left alone.”

He added that he had highlighted their plight in the hope that someone might be able to help them in some way.

“I can’t help them, I cannot even help my own mother. If you are able and interested, you can send help through the officials of Barangay Bolo, Roxas City.

“Nanay Juliet represents the millions of Mothers around the world who have the same battle every day.”