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Justice department and solicitor general can’t agree on what De Lima did

Senator Leila de Lima is currently imprisoned in national police headquarters at Camp Crame

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Office of the Solicitor General can’t agree on what charges jailed senator Leila de Lima should face in court.

During a high court hearing on the case, former solicitor General Floring Hilbay pointed out that the two arms of the legal system were at odds.

While the DOJ says she violated Section 5 (Illegal Drug Trading) of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, the Office of the Solicitor General says she committed Section 26 (conspiracy to commit drug trading).

Mr Hilbay said the shift from the charge of ‘consummated drug trading’ to mere conspiracy, “is the clearest admission that Senator De Lima is not a drug lord.”

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“The shift away from illegal drugs as the corpus delicti (body of the crime) to mere agreement to trade in illegal drugs is a clear admission the government’s accusations are not supported by evidence.”

He added that the case against de Lima was like prosecuting someone for murder without the evidence of killing or for theft without any evidence of anything stolen. He also noted that the allegations against de Lima rested on the testimony of convicted felons.

Senator de Lima is accused of being a king-pin in the illegal drugs trade within Bilibid Prison when she was justice secretary.

Her supporters claim that the charges are trumped up and part of an ongoing feud between her and the president.


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  1. The Dogs Back Wheels | March 15, 2017 at 6:48 am |

    It is almost to pathetic for words the way things are set up to fail here.
    The time they have had to prepare a case is astounding , and now the hearing is pushed back a month giving time for everyone to squabble in the senate.
    Half the city regularly visit her where notes are passed playing up to the public with the sympathy card.
    Just look at the situation with the Chinese businessmen/drug lords being allowed to wander out , not the mention the Korean who have managed to flee.
    Add to this untold numbers of people being held without change in prisons, many foreigners, I fail to see how this country can be taken seriously when many believe that it is a sleeping Tiger as is banded about regularly.

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