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Retired US Marine murdered by gunmen while driving with his wife

Former US Marine Harvey Abrams, who was shot while driving, with his wife sitting beside him. Via Facebook

Police are investigating the murder of a retired US marine who was shot while driving in Biliran town, in the Eastern Visayas Region, on Friday afternoon.

Provincial police chief Lito Bigoy said investigators were seeking to establish the identities of two men who gunned down Harvey Abrams, aged 74, who lived in Sitio Bantilan, Barangay Bato.

Mr Abrams with his wife Maria at their home. Via Facebook

The victim was driving a blue Toyota Wigo, with his 35-year-old wife Maria beside him, when two men on a red motorcycle drove alongside his vehicle at 3.35pm.

The pillion passenger fired at him before the driver made a U-turn, heading back towards Naval town.

Mr Harvey was taken to the Biliran Provincial Hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

A hand grenade was found near the crime scene.

Police are yet to advance any theory regarding the motive behind the killing.


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12 Comments on "Retired US Marine murdered by gunmen while driving with his wife"

  1. Not much detail here.

  2. The Dogs Back Wheels | March 13, 2017 at 12:12 pm |

    There never is much to go on until they dig a little deeper.
    People here don’t kill for free , someone hired them , which in turn means he has pissed someone off. It could be family, neighbours or the locals.
    Also just because there is a picture of a smiling couple doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a second women.
    Maybe a 74yo man that looks like he may live into is nineties has spurred the wife into action , especially if there is a nice death insurance waiting.
    Family sometimes put pressure on the daughter for this.
    So many variables and most have played out here many times already.
    Have seen it happen several times since i have been here.

  3. armygruntjoe | March 13, 2017 at 1:31 pm |

    What’s to investigate? The police are not going to seriously do anything because this case involves a foreigner. I would LOVE to be proven wrong for once, but I doubt it will happen.

    Part of the reason why this happens is because we are not allowed the right to defend ourselves in any way. Many countries have not given the people the right to own firearms for self-defense, and in EVERY country where that is true, the criminals have the guns, and the people have no choice but to die needlessly. Criminals do not attack people who are ready for them, and this is always true.

  4. The Dogs Back Wheels ~ Yep, smiling assassins. Guys with guns on motorcycles don’t cost much here. Insane insatiable greed turns life insurance into death insurance.

  5. The local government should do something to bring the perpetrators to justice and make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again especially to foreigners. This is bad publicity and bad for business particularly on tourism.

  6. It is so easy to put blame on his wife , How many people here who say that actually knew them , I have come across a few horror stories regarding some of the women here but on the face of it I would hold judgement , until a proper investigation has been carried out, again unlike before there mat very well be a proper investigation especially if the US Government press for Answers

    • The Dogs Back Wheels | March 19, 2017 at 9:25 am |

      No one blaming the wife Ian, but history often says you don’t have to look further than……or her family.There are not to many areas that needs to be investigated before you see a possible motive.These things have played out so many times before and will again.

  7. The Dogs Back Wheels | March 15, 2017 at 3:18 pm |

    The trouble with foreigner killings here is you have to dig deep to find the story.
    More often it may appear in just one media outlet , almost to the point it’s being hushed up. I would think the US government would have to press to get anything going here. Even then not to many will come forward and the police with have very little to go on. Unless of course there are third parties involved which would probably come out from neighbours.Like i posted earlier , people here don’t kill for free ,so someone hired them , but the Police need to find why they were hire and the reason behind it.Time usually plays a big part in people forgetting about this.

  8. The Dogs Back Wheels | March 19, 2017 at 3:54 pm |

    Just seen an update from the wife on the news story.
    She narrated that it took an hour before the police arrived for help since the motorists passing them did not even help them. She added that it was their service truck vehicle that was used in bringing the body of her husband to Biliran provincial hospital.

    She further said that she suspected only two group of persons who might be responsible with the death of her husband and this can be traced to land disputes with these two groups. She told that these groups made prior threats to kill her husband by paying somebody to kill him.
    So it could be one of the three things i outlined, which is he pissed off the locals.

  9. What rubbish!

    It doesn’t suggest any motive at all, just some waffle. Looks more like the wife knows more.

    • The Dogs Back Wheels | March 22, 2017 at 7:06 am |

      The wife has said she thinks it may be due to land disputes but if she has had a hand in any of this , she is in a position to shift the blame and fabricate a story. Toon,the Police have the problem of finding a motive and now have to follow up what the wife says and question locals who will probably side with the wife.History tells us that these type of killings are usually over money , women or pissing off the locals.If as the wife says this is a land dispute, it will not be pursued further as for sure they will make the foreigner at fault.We await a follow up to this, but don’t hold your breath for to long.

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