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Only in Asia: 17 utterly weird slogans printed on clothes

When you travel in Southeast Asia, all sorts of things can leave you scratching your head. But for me, one of  the biggest mysteries is the amount of utterly weird slogans that get printed on clothing. Here are a few of my favourites:

It’s a well-known fact that whenever you have twins, one is evil and deserves to be hit


Look at that cheeky little smile. I think he’s in a lift


There is nothing any caption could possibly say to make this any better, or any worse


It’s always a proud moment for any parent – their first swear word. Awww!


The fun you can have when your boyfriend (or girlfriend) doesn’t speak English


We’ve all been there, let’s not judge


It always pays to advertise


Hidden behind those barbarian foreigner words is a really cool picture of a motorbike. I think


Wasn’t he that Brazilian goalkeeper who played for Manchester City?


The most globally accepted form of payment. Just swipe it through the slot, sir


Spotted at the ladyboy training academy


Everybody loves salt beef


We’ve all been there. It happens to the best of us


I was always told: The family that sniffs together, stays together


My favourite things. My favourite things. My favourite things


Confucius, he say…


I wouldn’t recommend anyone to wear this in the Philippines these days