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Man born without legs helps keep streets safe for schoolchildren

Magdalino Borces at work.

A man born without legs has not let his disability stop him working as a traffic controller in Cebu City.

For five years Magdalino Borces has been a familiar sight outside a private school in Barangay Mabolo helping to keep people safe through his sheer determination and whistle.

Mr Borces, aged 58, was affected by a birth defect called Amelia, which causes severe deformities to the limbs.

For a daily wage of 100 pesos, he leaves his home before sunrise five days a week and endures the heat, pollution and the dangers of speeding drivers.

“I may not have legs, but it doesn’t mean I have lost hope,” he told the SunStar Cebu.

“I’m working here rain or shrine from 6.30am to 4pm. It doesn’t pay much, but it makes me happy.”

The traffic enforcer rides his own trike from his nearby home to his work station on F Cabahug Street. The vehicle was donated by an American friend who saw what a strain his daily commute was causing.

His workmate, Daniel Jakosalem, 51, said his job was much more “enjoyable” because of Mr Borces. “He inspires me to work harder because he is really passionate with our job,” he said.

He also described how Mr Borces can sometimes be seen reprimanding beggars, telling them that poverty and disability is not a hindrance to helping oneself and society.
“I am only unable to walk, not unable to live. I hope those who go begging in the streets will also think that way.

“We are all capable of doing something great because our challenges will only make us stronger,” Mr Borces said.

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  1. keith beck | March 5, 2017 at 7:13 am |

    I sure have to take my hat off to this legend , he should be screened around the world in every school and dole office , I am regularly in the philipines , but live and work in Australia , every town has their career bludgers living off our hard earned tax money , the amount of INVALID PENSIONERS , who seem quite ok to play sport, dance, go out fishing in a boat , the list goes on , all these free loaders should be sent to the philipines to see what reality really is , no free medical , no dole and a bowl of rice with a bit of dried fish for a days work in sweltering heat in the cane field (as an example)Yes Mr Borces is an extraordinary person , finding a positive in such an adverse situation .

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