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Kitten found in Manila with eyes, ears and nose sewn up makes recovery

FILE PHOTO: Actual pictures (which are under copyright) can be viewed via the link to The Daily Mail below.

A one-month-old kitten has recovered after being found wandering the streets of Manila with her eyes, ears and nose stitched together.

The cruelly tortured kitten, now named July, was found in an alleyway on Valentine’s Day by cat-lover Leonora Calamba.

The 41-year-old described how July was in great pain and distress, and in danger of starving to death — by the state of the wounds she estimated it had been suffering for at least a week.

Mrs Calamba, who has adopted a number of other cats found abandoned on the streets, immediately took the kitten home and carefully unpicked the stitches.

She told the UK’s Daily Mail: “The poor kitten was in such pain. It was so hard to take out all of the stitches. She was screaming and meowing because it was hurting her so much.

“But doing this was the only way to save her. Whoever could do such a thing to a newborn kitten is sick, they need to be punished before they do it again.”

Mrs Calamba’s niece Jonil Manatad Novela, 21, said: “July is doing well now and seems to be having a good time with other stray cats that my aunt has taken in.

“When my aunt saw the kitten in the street she grabbed her immediately and took care of it. It’s so tragic. We found the kitten with thread through its eyes, nose and ears.

“We don’t know who did this. We can only assume that it’s some kind of psychopath. Who else could do this kind of cruelty to a defenceless kitten? They are a useless person, no heart, they are sick.

“The kitten was only about two weeks old. Thankfully we found her in time or she would surely have died.”

Thankfully, July has made a full recovery, other than some scarring, which is expected to be permanent.


If you can stomach it, watch the video of the stitches being unpicked here.