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Cheers! A complete guide to the craft beer microbreweries of the Philippines

Over the past few years, craft beer has exploded in popularity across the world, with microbreweries popping up on every continent (yes, even in Antarctica). Although joining the global party a little late, the Philippines is catching up fast. No longer do visitors and residents have to make do with San Miguel or Red Horse, they can instead enjoy European and American style beers from these pioneering brewers. Cheers!

Katipunan Craft Beer (Manila). One of the first craft breweries to launch in Manila back in 2012. Their flagship India Pale Ale is available at dozens of restaurants and bars across Metro Manila — and the brand is also starting to go global with exports to Hong Kong. The brewery recently introduced Three Hops and a Hop IPA, which are proving popular among fans of American IPAs.

Craftpoint Brewing (Manila). A quality small-batch brewery. Always collaborating and producing quality brews such as Liberation Pale Ale and Summer Sessions, their beer has a strong brand image with funky, eye-catching labels.

Fat Pauly’s (Iligan City). Don’t be put off by their logo of a urinating cherub, this is a truly innovative brewery that is experimenting with ingredients including rose petals, peppers and wild Putyukan honey.

Turning Wheels Craft Brewery (Cebu). The Queen City of the South’s first craft brewery. Available on tap at Irie Gastropub in Cebu and in Manila at the Bottle Shop and the Perfect Pint. Brews include Mountain King IPA, Backbone Double IPA and Singlespeed Imperial Stout.

Baguio Craft Brewery (Baguio). Brewing a wide range of products using some local ingredients. Check out their tasting room when visiting Philippine’s Summer Capital, Baguio City.

The Cebruery (Cebu). Recently opened in Cebu. Both bottles and draft available. The People Power Pale Ale is considered by many to be one of the best pale ales brewed in Asia — and it has the awards to prove it.

Joe’s Brew (Manila). Producing solid range of quality beers including Fish Rider Pale Ale, Sierra Madre Wheat Ale and the new 34th Pursuit IPA.

Nipa Brew (Manila). Launched in 2015, the brewery is already producing a great range of beers including its latest addition, Tropic Haze Wheat Beer. Limited edition seasonal brews add to its core offering of five distinct beers.

Pedro Brewcrafters (Metro Manila). A great range — including a British-style bitter called Elementary, English Ale — that can be enjoyed on tap at Smoky Bastard in Century Mall’s ‘Hole in the Wall’ and other locations around the city.

The Brewery (Metro Manila). The newest craft beer hotspot in Metro Manila, with a 400-seat bar and restaurant adjoining its brewhouse in Uptown Bonifacio.

Juan Brew (Metro Manila). Currently supplying local home brewers and smaller craft brewers with ingredients and equipment. Juan Brew also aims to be an eco-friendly brewery by harnessing solar power.

Bogs Brew (Bacolod). Located in the land of sugarcane, Felix “Bogs” Hagad went into business after experimenting with home brewing. Using local ingredients such as honey, sugar and lemongrass, Bogs has crafted some truly unique beers.

Illusion Brewing (Bacolod). A new addition to the Bacolod brewing scene with an impressive range available. Its magic-themed tasting room ‘The Trap Door’ is something to behold.

Palaweño Brewing (Palawan). The first and only brewery on Palawan. Its varied range of beers are now available in the Metro Manila area at places such as The Bottle Shop.

Crow’s Craft Brewing (Metro Manila). A small batch brewer that produces a great range with stylish and eye-catching branding. Also distills a high-quality beautifully presented gin.

Pivo Praha (Metro Manila). Located in Makati near City Hall, Pivo’s beers are brewed on-site at Bravo Restaurant. A fine Czech-style beer made with ingredients imported from that country.

GPoint (Manila). A popular brewery pub catering to both foreigners and locals in Malate. GPoint brews beers in their off-site microbrewery in Tagaytay.

Great Islands Craft Brewery (Metro Manila). This recent arrival is already producing a great range of varied beers making use of innovative local ingredients.

Pinatubo Craft Beer (Angeles City). Finally, a microbrewery has arrived in Angeles City. The place is run by Germans adhering to the country’s strict purity laws of AD1516, so you can be sure of quality. A range of seven brews should have something to satisfy every taste.

Crazy Carabao Brewing (Tagaytay). This microbrewery claims to deliver some of the freshest and finest boutique beer in the Philippines. Consistent praise from connoisseurs.

The Cebu Brewing Company (Cebu). Describing itself as a ‘nanobrewery’ the family-run company specialises in extra-strength brews, seasonal beers and has produced an award-winning IPA.

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Note to brewers: If we have missed you out, or you have opened since we compiled this list, please let us know in a comment below. Likewise, if any of those brewers we have listed want to add information, or share their latest news, then please get in touch. Cheers again!