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Four-month-old baby left bleeding in field after rape by six men – including her own father

Jonathan Marfe, aged 40, has been arrested on suspicion of taking part in the vile rape of a baby girl.

A manhunt has been launched after a four-month-old baby was raped by six men, including her own father.

The baby was taken from her shanty home on Cebu island late on Wednesday evening, while she was sleeping beside her mother.

The child was eventually discovered covered in blood in a nearby field. Next to her were a bottle of coconut wine and her nappy.

It has been reported that an elderly neighbour had heard the child crying during the attack, but had taken no action because she thought it was a ghost.

Police have today (Friday, February 10) arrested Jonathan Marfe, aged 40, in a house owned by his live-in partner that was just yards from the victim’s house.

The police are now awaiting the result of a saliva swab to check if it matches with samples taken from the bottle of coconut wine.

It is said Marfe is an unemployed and a suspected drug user who is also facing charges of attempted rape in his native Bohol.

Doctors at the local hospital confirmed the child had been raped due to severe internal bleeding. Her treatment is continuing.

In an official statement, Carcar City public information officer Candice Acuña said: “Mostly all of the suspects are drug surrenderers, except for the father.

“Rest assured, we are doing everything we can and we will not stop until all the culprits are caught.”