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Bramovich: What is Duterte’s problem with the USA? Or is he just high?

President Duterte has expressed shock and horror at the USA’s Millennium Challenge Corp’s decision to withhold aid funding, due to concerns over his bloody war on drugs. (See my recent article on this here).

He has further threatened to terminate the VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement) and so end the longstanding presence of American forces in the country.

Only yesterday, new US Ambassador Sung Kim was forced to sit stoney-faced as the president ranted against his country. “Go home, I do not need your aid,” the president said. “Shut up. I do not need your assistance.”

When it comes to his attitude to the USA, he is behaving like a petulant kid who got caught smoking out the back of the bike sheds and doesn’t want to take his spanking.

While his supporters raise their pitchforks and say, “to hell with the USA!” and his detractors sit back and say, “you asked for it, mate, time to deal with the fallout”… but what’s missing from the conversation is this: The country has just lost out on aid funding worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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In a place where up to 45% of the population lives on less than $2 a day, the poorest of the poor are inevitably going to be hit hardest because of the president’s threats and bluster.

Also this week we’ve had the admission from The Punisher’s bagboy, Yasay, that there was nothing The Philippines could do about China’s activities in the South China Sea. “There is nothing that we can do about that now, whether or not it is being done for purposes of further militarising these facilities that they put up,” he told journalists in Singapore. “We cannot, we cannot stop China at this point.”

Up until the passing of the baton to the current administration, the Philippines was getting set to do just that. The judgement in the Hague, the support of Washington. All these things were happening. The Philippines arguably had more international support over the disputed territories than it had had at any point in history.

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The country had an opportunity to leverage foreign interests in the region off the back of this. Instead, in rode the punisher and deliberately and systematically destroyed every relationship the country had previously enjoyed with western nations.

He started doing this before he even came to power. Putting one of our closest and richest neighbours off side with tasteless jokes about raping missionaries.

He replaced foreign aid with foreign debt, gave away some of the most resource-rich territory the country has (without even putting up a fight) and continues to destroy the reputation of the country and himself both regionally and globally.

He has done it all with popular support and the backing of the majority of his compatriots. In short, he is making things worse, not better. No one seems to be able to see that though. Any member of the press who says anything negative about him gets instantly attacked by legions of on-line trolls, with their tactics of misdirection, misinformation and accusations of bias.

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The 71-year-old has also announced that he doubts he’ll last his term and that he has been a regular user of fentanyl — an opiate based painkiller many, many times stronger than Heroin.

At this point it’s unclear whether he is still using the drug. As bodies continue to pile up in the streets, it would be the ultimate irony if the nation’s drug users were being gunned down on orders issued by a president when high.


20 Comments on "Bramovich: What is Duterte’s problem with the USA? Or is he just high?"

  1. Nice to see another expat who is without blinders and rose-colored lenses, and can give an honest assessment of the president and his mission. Anyone with half a brain could see all this coming well before the election, yet nearly all expats were still supporting this guy. It seems that Filipina affection is also a powerful drug.

    • Thanks for the comment, Larry. I find most of the expat circles I move in that people can stand him. Also the locals I interact with (majority of them have lived/worked abroad which helps) are not supporters. My advice, if you’re getting sick of all the crap is to avoid Facebook expat groups and change your circle of friends :-) You might enjoy this article that I wrote earlier in the year:

  2. Agree with all points raised… The anti US rants are becoming tiresome. He is asked a question about domestic policy and he rants about the US. He is asked a question about China and he rants about the US. He cant seem to discuss anything on its merits. I admire his vision for a better Philippines, but there is no substance behind the vision. Only shortcuts.

    • It gets to the stage, James, that every time I see him on the news or in a story my eyes roll and I wonder if it’s going to be another ill-thought-out rant or another apology for one. Now he is suffering some of those consequences, disavowing any personal responsibility and, once again, blaming the USA.

  3. Just a small point of clarification, Dave. The $434m from Millennium Challenge is not aid, it’s a grant, meaning it’s a giveaway.

  4. Not all expats support this moron. One could probably classify the DDS vs. the anti-DDS according to the educational level attained and where they graduated from. Anti-DDS are heavily attacked by online trolls, but that doesn’t mean we back down. We, too, are sick and tired of him and choose to work with organizations within the Philippines. The outcome remains to be seen.

    • Vera, I don’t actually know any expats that support him. Although there is a lot of bluster on social media by silly old keyboard warriors with nothing better to do than stir the pot.

  5. Shirley Fentanyl | December 24, 2016 at 12:11 pm |

    USA should send Jason Bourne or Jack Reacher to terminate his mouth forever.

  6. duterte will enjoy the company of trumph…seems they hv some things in common…but duterte will definitely loose the support from UN and EU to detriment of poor filipinos…a lot of du30 supporters are coming from grassroots hence they do not foresee the consequences…philippines hv to suffer until such time realities will dictate the flow of events…

    • Melvin, the funny thing is that he made his intentions very clear even before he was elected. As far as I’m concerned the country is currently getting *exactly* what it asked for.

  7. I have a double major– History and English; however, i hadn’t heard nor read in the history books about the massacre in Samar not till President Duterte shared his pent- up anger about the incident perpetuated by the American soldiets. It’s also true that financial aid is tied to the Philippines obeying what the US dictates. It’s about time that the Philippines muster enough courage to have an independent foreign policy and be friends with other countries, especially neigbouring countries.

    • Gemma, before the Philippines can do that it needs to resolve its own internal poverty issues. If you’re concerned about American aid coming with strings attached then what about Chinese debt coming at the expense of Philippine territory and natural resources. A whore swapping beds for a worse deal doesn’t make it any less of a whore, just a dumber one.

  8. Guess The President should be “advised” or “required” to undergo psychological evaluation and “TREATMENT” if necessary…! (For the sake of the Phillippines )! Asap…before issues get worse…He needs to be surrounded by Courageous , Wise, Conscientious non-partisan ADVISERS !!! (Que pobreng Pilipinas …)

  9. Philippines, 85% Christian is an irony in itself. How can we as christians allow this to happen. In a christian moral compass, he is an abomination. He abhors the rule of law but he wield it as a damocles sword whenever and wherever it suits him. He talks about his war against drugs all the time, boasting about killings and in some instance admitted to killing alleged criminals himself during his stint as a mayor of Davao.
    While this proud man brags around, filipinos are dying, country’ foreign relations is in limbo, and we expect that come 2017 it will be a bleak year for the economy…the greatest irony of it all, he may even die sooner than expected but the damage he will leave this country may be irreparable.
    Thank you, you analysis is a spot on!

  10. Fentanyl pa more you.

  11. “When it comes to his attitude to the USA, he is behaving like a petulant kid who got caught smoking out the back of the bike sheds and doesn’t want to take his spanking.”

    Another nice analogy is someone who got caught by the mmda officer and he starts pointing fingers at everyone else the officer didn’t catch. That’s beside the point, you got caught. Period.

    Let’s see you try that excuse to an mmda officer or the compliance officer at work and you won’t see yourself OWNING them as what Dutertetards seem to think happened to that journalist who asked about summary killings.

  12. He is nothing but a drug crazed loon satisfying his thirst for blood by pretending to have an anti drug war.


  14. cynthia estrada | December 29, 2016 at 9:57 am |

    Yes I sit back and say that he has now to suffer the fall out. Truth is the sooner this admin goes bankrupt, the sooner it collapses. ASAP.

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