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Police warning after Abu Sayyaf members spotted in Cebu


Abu Sayyaf Rebels Present in Cebu: Police – (photo courtesy of Cebu Daily News)

Police have released a report that several members of the Abu Sayyaf group were seen within the city limits of Cebu.

City police say that at least six members of the Abu Sayyaf group arrived in Cebu and are being monitored by officers.

The men are said to be led by Commander Alhabsi Misaya and say that the group left the city on Sunday, but are being monitored for contacts and official meetings they may have attended in hopes to create terror throughout Cebu.

Police warned the public that based on their monitoring and information, the group arrived in Cebu to kidnap prominent personalities – though the men are are now gone, they are warning the public that the group is likely to target malls and other commercial establishments in possible terrorist attacks or kidnappings by officials they came to meet. 

Police say they are doing an in depth search to discover if the ASG left any of its fighters behind.

Officials are asking the Muslim communities within Cebu as well as mall management, lodges and resorts to keep a watch out for any suspicious activity and have released the group of photographs to the public of those seen within the city.

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