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“Smoke em’ while you got em’” – Philippines going smoke-free soon

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“Smoke Em’ While You Got Em’ – Philippines Going Smoke-Free Soon –

President Duterte is expected to sign a nationwide smoking ban bill in October.

Paulyn Ubial, Philippine Health Secretary, reported this week that the executive order draft which will bring about a smoke-free Philippines is on Duterte’s desk awaiting his signature.

“We already submitted the draft executive order and the President will probably sign it within October,” Ubial told the press.

Sources say the order is identical to that of the smoking ban within Davao City, the President’s home.

Once signed, all public places in the country will be 100 per cent smoke free. The order will include ‘smoke stops’, ‘smoke areas’, and roped off or cordoned off areas set aside for smokers.

Under the executive order an amendment to the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 will be changed as authorities say many ‘gray areas’ exist under the new executive order. 

Those so called ‘gray areas’ include designated smoking areas, as well as point-of-sale advertising and more.

OPINION: Those opposed to the new rule only have to look at Davao City to fall in contempt for such a basic right – in Davao City today any person, even children, can purchase packs of cigarettes, yet cannot legally smoke them. In an interview today via online, Philippines Lifestyle News asked a single person living in Davao what they do with their cigarettes they purchase day after day – the respondent jokingly replied: “I eat them, of course.”

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2 Comments on "“Smoke em’ while you got em’” – Philippines going smoke-free soon"

  1. Maybe he will also do something about noise pollution.

    All Ear Doctors will confirm that any continuous noise over 55 decibels will cause permanent hearing damage.

    These days sound systems and karaoke machines are producing far more than this and the providers/producers seem to be on a mission to increase their status by increasing the volumes even in small areas.

    I have seen such systems producing levels as high as 100+ decibels with children standing in front of them for hours. These kids will have permanent hearing damage that will appear later in life.

    Unfortunately, our culture tells us not to cause conflict or confrontation, so many people are too scared to complain about such pollution when living close by. Also, many of these situations have the backing and are organized by Barangay and even Municipal officials, who totally disregard the annoyance to others.

    There are tens of thousands who are going to suffer permanent damage to their hearing by a few selfish people.

    I suggest every Barangay & Municipality (or even the Police) should have a decibel meter and any event or karaoke that exceeds 55 decibels should have their equipment confiscated and sold. The money should then go to agencies dealing with the deaf.

  2. yet they do not enforce the ban on burning rubbish and smoke coming out of mufflers. How bout enforcing the traffic laws, the karaoke ban after 10 pm, and many other laws.

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