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Duterte blames foreigners (Mexican? Chinese?) for ‘destroying the Philippines’

Foreigners are Destroying the Philippines: Duterte, destroying the Philippines

Foreigners are Destroying the Philippines: Duterte (image by Associated Press)

President Duterte has made the astonishing claim that “foreigners are destroying the Philippines”.

The President did not name which nationalities are to blame for the alleged destruction, merely saying that he has “warned their ambassadors several times”.

“A lot of citizens are destroying my country and I won’t allow that. If I allow it, there will be no Philippines tomorrow,” he said.

The president was careful with his words, He had originally pointed the finger at Chinese people, who are suspected of contributing to the country’s drug problem. However, he finally admitted that Mexican drug cartels were operating in the Philippines, something he had neglected to mention before.

Palace officials say the crime rate is already lower due to the intensified campaigns against drugs – but no solid statistics were presented to back up that statement.

More to (inevitably) follow…

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13 Comments on "Duterte blames foreigners (Mexican? Chinese?) for ‘destroying the Philippines’"

  1. He should clarify what foreigners. I am an American living here in a peaceful life. I don’t want to be a target to these vigilante groups.

  2. i am Belgian maried to a filippina and living in The Philippines and i am convinced the president is right and i believe as far as i know he is the only head of state in the world who have it in him to fight and win the war on drugs .if the president wood cal on me to join that fight i wood gladly risk my life for him,i wood feel honored by it.

    • I am not married here but I have completely in support of duterte and stand behind his ideas as it is true that this country has been exploited by others but I must say there is a lot of corrupt selfish Filipinos who have profited from it was enabled by these bastards…

  3. New Image a NZ company is proud to be helping Filipino’s to break free from ill health and poverty and we have been on this mission for 22+ years!
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  4. Hahah DickTurdTits is funny. Philippines….the asshole of South East Asia

  5. One thing is sure , for a big part of the population life was not ok yesterday. I the phil.will be hit by drugs hell will be near. Something had to happen,something out of the box. The phil have limited sources so we can’t compare it with a normal rich western with that kind of justice system. Time will tell. We help millions of moslims from the middele east in Europe,Canada ..with billions of Euros and Dollars.If we would allow Phillipinos to work on temporary contracts here and import mangos etc..easely, a lot of work should already be done. Work and bying (good) goods.

  6. Want to be connected with NZ natural products

  7. I agree with Duterte’s drug policy. It’s very simple and straight forward, do drugs and DIE.Phillipines isn’t the only only nation to have capital punishment for drug use and trafficking. Hopefully, Duterte cleans up the dirty politicians and sewage infested rivers as well.

  8. Based on the presence and visibility of foreigners in the Philippines not only individuals but COMPANIES which are either in joint venture with a certain phil company or used as a dummy to do business and under the care of high government officials for a “fee” or donation may be or i don’t know a term for it and VIOLATE LAWS OF THE PHIL WITH NO INTEERVENTION!

  9. James Shanchez | October 31, 2016 at 9:00 pm |

    I belive Duterte started off strong with his anti drug rhetoric, and what he did in Davao was remarkable. However, after feeling pressure from other foreign powers about his methods for running a nation, he has possibly taken a turn for the worse.

    If he wants foreigners to leave we can leave, but so does our $$$ our money can help boost local economy and infrastructure but there is no focus in that here…..

    What is this president doing???

    Creating scandles with that cubby girl, cummon…..

  10. The Dogs Back Wheels | November 1, 2016 at 10:29 am |

    I think Duterte is having to learn as he goes along , Running a country is not like running Davao were you can be the boss with no comebacks.The world watches on as he goes from one slip of the tongue to the next and i am sure he is given advice most of which he doesn’t want to hear.When he labels ‘Foreigners ‘most people think of Americans when in the context of drugs it is China and North Korea that are the main culprits.He needs to be accurate about who he is concerned with to stop any backlash being dished out to the wrong visiting Foreigners.Of course the media do not help by twisting a comment into a potentual explosive headline.

  11. Mm simple and straight forward but with no real proven evidence or due process a lot of innocent people are being violently killed in front of there family it’s wrong and barbaric

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