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American freed by judge after five years in prison without charge

Scott Seattle, American Acquitted , Scott McMahon

American National Acquitted Of All Charges After Being Locked Up in PH Prison – (Photo of Scott and his two children in happier times)

An American has been acquitted of all charges and set free by a Manila judge on Monday night.  

Scott McMahon, a Seattle native, held the title of the longest-imprisoned US citizen in any foreign country who had not been convicted of a crime.

Moments after the judge read the verdict, McMahon’s mother was allowed to take a single photograph of herself, her son and their Filipino lawyer.

McMahon’s mother said: “More than anything, to see that look in his eyes when he heard those words, I can’t even tell you because there’s been so much pain in his eyes recently.

“Every part of his body loosened, like he was able to finally take a deep breath.”

McMahon was accused of rape in 2010, and the judge in the case said she was not telling the truth. The entire case was based solely on the accusations of the women and no other evidence was rendered against him.

Scott has already settled into the Philippines in 2003 with a fianceé and two children.

McMahon was a successful builder, and had pressed charges against a neighbour after she threatened his children in 2010. That same woman pressed rape charges against McMahon, creating the the longest non-charged imprisonment for any American outside the United States.

The attorney for McMahon had proof all along that he was far away from the neighbour at the time of the alleged rape.

Legal experts who wrote opinions on the case concluded that the woman had made up the story and demanded cash to drop the charges.

McMahon’s mother said her son’s five year imprisonment was so bad and filthy that people were dying around him.

“There are more than a hundred grown men packed into an 800-square-foot prison,” she said. “People were dying in there of things we’re vaccinated for.”

She launched websites and social media with details on his case to draw the attention of officials in the US and the Philippines.

A recent rash of criticism has hit the Duterte administration for the massive killings and imprisonment of drug dealers – many showing the horrific prison conditions and overcrowding.

Attorney from the David House Agency, the California Innocence Project and the United Nations expressed opinions and sent letter to the Philippine courts and government – but no answer was received.


9 Comments on "American freed by judge after five years in prison without charge"

  1. Another reminder that us expats here in the Philippines have very few rights and find so little justice when wronged. He probably should not have pressed charges, knowing it would only cause trouble for him in the end. What can you do? Welcome to the Philippines, please give me your money and bend over, Joe.

  2. Joseph Price | August 3, 2016 at 9:20 pm |

    So any Filipino can just make up a story and get a foreigner arrested and jailed for YEARS without real proof????

    I think some laws need to be changed quite immediately.

  3. Jule Westcott | August 4, 2016 at 9:44 am |

    It’s sad he will not get a dime in a Philippine court for this injustice. The woman should go to prison for false accusations.

  4. I would really like to see a follow up on this story to see if that women got charged or suffered any consequences.

    • it’s blatantly obvious that this cunt (for lack of a better word for such a piece of shit) has cops, lawyers or just high-ups in her family, extended family, neighbors – well you know how that game is played.

      She will suffer nothing, and the fucked up Bureau of Immigration will be relentless on getting his 5k dollars to appease their own stupidity on the matter – like i said, the cunt has contacts, and she’s using them at ever level possible.

  5. Vernon Trexler | August 5, 2016 at 10:17 pm |

    you cant sue the govt for false imprisonment??

  6. This is why I would never buy property or start a business in a country without a sound judicial system and real due process of law. Any dispute in countries like the Philippines or Thailand can easily end with you in jail, dead or both. As a foreigner, you are an outsider to be plucked not to have equal rights like the locals. In Thailand, she may have simply paid someone $50 to have him killed and saved herself the hassle.

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