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Filipino fishermen blocked by Chinese vessel in Scarborough Shoal


scarborough shoal, China at Scarborough Shoal

Filipino Fishermen Blocked by Chinese Vessel in Scarborough Shoal – (Map of Scarborough Shoal)

A recent attempt to enter Scarborough Shoal by a team of Filipino fishermen has been blocked by a Chinese vessel, which not only stopped them from entering the shoal, but also followed them.

The incident was witnessed a news team from ABS-CBN as the fishermen attempted to enter the shoal.

The news group and fishermen also saw another Chinese fishing vessel blocking the entrance to Bajo de Masinloc, one of the traditional fishing grounds of the Filipinos who live and support their families in the area.

The news source said the group also sighted four additional vessels in the area – those vessels were sitting stagnant because they could not enter Scarborough Shoal and were seen fishing in other parts of the waters around the shoal.

The Chinese Coast Guard is said to have used megaphones to ward off the Filipinos, telling them to leave the area immediately.

China has said it will ignore The Hague Tribunal that the shoals in the South China Sea belong to the Philippines. China has held Scarborough Shoal in its grip since 2012 when a tense naval standoff took place.

The area is said to have taken the livelihood of many Filipino fishermen, leaving many completely jobless.

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  1. Charles John Parker | July 15, 2016 at 1:06 pm |

    China is being outragious with their preventing Philippine fishermen their right to fish in Philippine waters!

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