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Dutch businessman shot dead while 11-year-old son survives bullet in chest

A Dutch man was shot dead in Naval on the island of Biliran at about midday on Sunday.

Police identified the foreigner as 74-year-old Henk Nuits, a businessman. His 11-year-old son, Jake Henry Nuits was shot in the chest.

Henk was declared dead on arrival at Biliran Provincial Hospital. His son Jake is listed in stable condition and has been transferred to Ormoc City for medical treatment.

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Dutch National Businessman Shot Dead in Biliran – (photos by

Nuits’ live-in partner, Lanie Cator told police they were driving in Barangay Talustusan when an unmarked motorcycle passed them and the pillion fired several shots at the SUV striking both Jane and Henk.

The motorcycle fled the scene, and no description of the gunman is available. A witness to the shooting only told police that there were two riders on board the motorcycle.

Police say they are conducting an in-depth investigation in an attempt to quickly identify the gunmen. No motive has been determined for the shooting.

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  1. Joseph Beaudine | June 28, 2016 at 11:41 pm |

    This is where my wife’s mother and all her relatives live. Naval is only 8KM from Catmon the Barrio that my wife’s home in the Philippines is located. This really scares me. Biliran is a quiet peaceful farming and fishing community and nothing exciting ever happens there. I am really surprised.

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