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Philippine army deploys 5,000-plus soldiers to take on Abu Sayyaf

Ten battalions, or approximately 5,000 plus troops have been deployed throughout Sulu in an attempt to capture the Abu Sayyaf terrorists who have wreaked havoc across the region.

Military officials said that all resources from land, sea and air have been deployed in the area of Sulu – hoping to track down the Islamic rebels who beheaded two Canadians in the past two months.

But many are questioning the somewhat small scale operation, calling it “insufficient” to what is needed in a region overrun by the Abu Sayyaf group.

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PH Military Deploys 5,000+ Soldiers to Thwart Abu Sayyaf Bandits in Sulu –

Officials know that Jolo and other communities are hot-spots for entire areas that give refuge to the terrorist group. To make matters worse, relatives who live off the means of the Abu Sayyaf, including direct bloodlines, are assisting the bandits in their attempt to secure hostage money for those kidnapped by the group.

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Vice Governor Abdusakur Tan of Sulu, said he snubbed President Aquino’s visit to Sulu “because he is responsible for all these problems besetting our place.’

“Instead of considering our suggestions, he poured more troops and changed the police officers and replaced them with officers who were not functioning,” he said.

Speaking on Aquino’s visit, Tan noted “who do you think will listen to him? Coming down here when he only got 15 days left.” –

“That is what we call ‘too late to play a hero.’ Lives have been wasted, resources reportedly poured but we never saw it, never felt it,” Tan added.

A new report on the region of Sulu shows that four Malaysians were kidnapped in Sabah on Wednesday night – adding to the disastrous issue of kidnapping Malaysians for profit.

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Philippine military officials say that no report of such kidnapping is noted in the East Sabah Command Center, others proclaim the notice is true and are awaiting incoming information from the source.


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  1. its a little late for the 2 guys that were taken from Samal last sept..they lost there heads!

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