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Scam: Bullets “discovered” in passenger’s bag at Caticlan Airport, Boracay

caticlan airport bullets found

Multiple Bullets Discovered Inside Passenger’s Luggage in Caticlan Airport, Boracay –

Bullets have allegedly been discovered the the luggage of a 29-year-old businessman at Caticlan Airport.

Airport authorities/scammers said they discovered 15 live rounds inside the luggage of Jerome Sulit.

Mr Sulit said he was unaware of the ammunition and has denied attempting to board a commercial flight with them packed in his luggage.

Mr Sulit arrived on the island of Boracay more than four years ago for a honeymoon with his wife. They decided to stay as they loved the place and its business potential.

Airport security officer/scammer John Tesorero pretended to find the bullets as the bag passed through an X-ray machine at the airport.

After Tesorero called airport aviation police/accomplices to help with his scam, the bag was opened and the 14 live rounds (and one empty round) were “discovered” in Mr Sulit’s luggage.

Police said that no firearm was discovered, but from initial reports and photographs the obviously planted bullets were from a long rifle.

Sulit was arrested at the airport for violation of the Comelec gun ban, as well as Republic Act 10591 or (the Illegal Possession of Firearms and Ammunition).