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Foreigners warned: “If you meddle in Philippine elections you will be deported”


Foreigners Warned Again – “Don’t Meddle in Philippine Election Polls” – BI –

The Bureau of Immigration issued an advisory based on the Comelec released Resolution #9615, which prohibits any and all foreigners from taking part in the  mid-term polls.

Immigration Commissioner Ronaldo Geron noted that any foreigner found meddling in the country’s forthcoming elections will be deported.

Resolution #9615 also spells out the rules and regulations of the ‘Fair Election Act’ or Republic Act #9006 – passed in 2001, the act seeks the holding of free, honest, orderly, peaceful and credible elections through fair election practices.

As stated in the resolution “it is unlawful for any foreigner, whether juridical or natural person, to aid any candidate, or political party, organization or coalition, directly or indirectly, or to take part in, or influence in any manner, any election, or to contribute or make any expenditure in connection with any election campaign or partisan political activity.”

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Ricardo David said he is responsible for the investigation of complaints filed against any foreigner who meddles in the election process – this includes making donations to campaign candidates.

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  1. Christian Eidenert | March 18, 2016 at 11:28 am |

    Ricardo David resigned from BI long ago. He was replaced by Siegfrid Mison who was recently replaced by Ronaldo Geron

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