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February 2016

Albay receives third water filtration machine from Spain

Spain recently completed a charity project by giving Albay its third and final water filtration machine for use in its calamity-stricken areas where potable water is scarce. The systems were given by aid agency Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo. The overall project has taken approximately nine years…

Village councilman shoots motorcyclist dead after loud muffler dispute

A village councilman has turned himself in after he shot and killed a motorcyclist after a long disputed open pipe “bora-bora” muffler dispute. . The incident happened at 2am, bringing to an end a long dispute that involved village residents who had complained multiple times about the loud piped rider….

Police rule out possibility of suicide in death of Dutchman in Cebu

Homicide investigation has ruled out the possibility of a suicide in last week’s death of Dieter Friedrich Meyer, a 66-year-old Dutchman who was found dead inside his pension house room last week. Authorities now believe that he was murdered, and that more than one person took park in killing him….

German man found dead on yacht floating off Barobo, Suigao del Sur

  A report shows that authorities have discovered a yacht floating offshore the town of Barobo in Surigau del Sur late on Friday. Police say they received a report at the National Operation Center in Camp Crame at around 4.30pm on Friday from Barabo Municipal Police Station. The station received…

Three treasure hunters drown in tunnel they dug on island of Siquijor

Three men drowned in a 10-meter-deep hole they dug while hunting for treasure. The trio drowned as the deep pit filled with water in Barangay Sandugan, Larena, Siquijor near the sea. Police identified the three men as all being from Siquijor – a concerned citizen noticed that a man was…

Political mud slinging? Iloilo City councillor has faeces thrown at her

An unidentified person or persons hurled a plastic bag filled with human faeces into the office of councillor Sally Lopez this past Friday morning. Sally Lopez is from San Dionisio – the incident was discovered when employees reported for work on the day of the incident. Lopez, wife of incumbent…