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Abu Sayyaf terror group on “heavy” recruitment drive in Sulu

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‘Abu Sayyaf’ on Heavy Recruitment Spree in Sulu – Press Briefing Included Intel on 4 Kidnapped Foreigners –

Military officials have announced that the Abu Sayyaf group has been heavily recruiting new members in the region of Sulu.

At a recent press briefing at the Western Mindanao Command Center, officials said a group led by Alhabsi Misaya Arroljado is reportedly offering 30,000 pesos to each recruit in the towns of Kalinggalang Kaluang, Luuk and Panamao.

Leaders have noted that the group has so far recruited 15 new members – also noted was the harassment of villagers, forcing them to join the group

Military officials also noted that Radulan Sahiron group is holding four of the eight remaining hostages, including Dutch birdwatcher Elwold Horn.

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He noted that there have been no sightings of the two Canadians, a Norwegian and a Filipino who were kidnapped from Samal Island in September.

Officials also told the press that the recent bombings throughout Mindanao is believed to be part of an extortion scheme involving the Abu Sayyaf.

Meanwhile seven young bandits have surrendered in Ungkaya Pukan on Monday. Authorities noted that this is the first time that members of the Abu Sayyaf surrendered with intentions of being integrated by mainstream society.

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