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Group vows to fight for medical marijuana law in the Philippines



PCCS Vows to Fight For Approval of Medical Marijuana Bill in the Philippines – HB 4477 – file photo –

The Philippine Cannabis Compassion Society has vowed it will fight for approval to legalise the use of medical marijuana in the country.

The group hopes to push onward through the approval measure under the 16th congress and beyond if they must.

“We continue to work for the passage of House Bill 4477. But given the election fever and other pressing issues, we are also preparing to continue the campaign after the elections and through the next Congress,” the Philippine Cannabis Compassion Society (PCCS) said in a statement.

“Moms for Marijuana” founder, Kimmi del Prado said ‘she understands that there are many pressing issues today and there is only very little time left in the 16th congress.’

Del Prado also noted that “priorities have been set even prior to the bill” – hence the society is now focusing on their ability to intensify the legal campaign for medicinal marijuana.

“It’s been a productive 2015 for the Philippine Cannabis Compassion Society. We have reached a significant milestone: the House Committee on Health resolved to set-up the Technical Working Group for House Bill 4477 or the “Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act,” PCCS said in a statement.

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