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Bill aims to criminalise fathers who fail to support children – HB 6079

A House Bill being pushed forward by Manila Rep. Rosenda Ann Ocampo will take aim at criminalising fathers who refuse to support their children.

The new bill would give up to two years behind bars for parents who refuse or fail to give legal child support without a ‘justifiable reason.’

House Bill #6079 is directed at the amount determined by a court order or under a parenting agreement approved in court, or issued under a protection order pursuant to Republic Act #9262 (the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act of 2004).

Under the measure, anyone who refuses to give legal child support amounting to 30,000 pesos, or for a period of six months, would be punished under the pending law.

The law covers the fact that many fathers are the legal guardian of the child, so the House Bill intentionally relates to those who have legal custody of the child or children.

The law also touches on the fact that even if the parent pays partial payments, or a lessor amount deemed by the court, may also be penalized under the 30,000 pesos/six months overview.

House Bill 6079 provides a penalty of 25,000 pesos or imprisonment of no less that than six months, but not more that one year (or both) and the lump sum settlement of the total unpaid legal child support on the first instance that the parent fails to provide legal child support.

Subsequent offenders would penalize the family member with a 50,000 peso fine or imprisonment of not less that one year but not more than two years (or both) – as well as the lump sum settlement of the total unpaid legal support.

Ocampo said the issue of child support remains one of the country’s most difficult issues to resolve between couples who choose to separate from one another.

The child’s situation worsens in most cases when the parent obligated to give legal child support refuses or fails to pay for his or her obligations, said Ocampo.

“Apart from the emotional trauma, the parent who has custody of the child is left with the difficult task of single-handedly raising the child or children” she said.

Current laws do not criminalize those who refuse or intentionally fail to pay child support – however the law does not look at legal aspects of overcrowded jails, understaffed court systems, and inept barangay officials in cementing the reality of the law.

“The custodial parent can only file a motion to cite the obliged parent for indirect contempt for refusal to comply with a valid court order mandating the support provisions,” she said.

Ocampo believes that House Bill 6079 will compel parents to comply with a court ordered child support payment – however, the depth of the bill does not look at reality based objectives in supporting the bill, as well as enforcing the measure one written into law.

The measure has been sent to the House Committee on Welfare and Children for further deliberation – seeing it enacted into law will no doubt be slow, but upholding and sending people to jail for non-payment will be another issue all together.

To learn more on Republic Act #9262 go here —-> RA – 9262


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  1. How come its pointed at foreigners. Lets put some real facts here. the huge population of children here are not from foreigners but Pinoy men that leave children behind. In fact I know more of my friends take on the responsibilities for their willingness of there new partners with children.

    But even putting Pinoy Men in jail is not going to fix the problem. Most of the problems here are due to being poor and not able to take on the responsibilities. More should be look at better ways of creating business and employment. Change the laws in this country so that it allows more foreign investment rather than make it hard. This is the main problem that leads to in most cases to fatherless children.

    • just like anywhere in the world, putting men behind bars does not fix a situation like this – here the law will no doubt be a mountain to pass as probably 3/4’s of legislators have children spread from one end of the Phils to the other.

      As for my pointing it one direction – my entire site is dedicated to foreigners, so my flow was not misguided

      • When a friend of mine was sharing this. I just looked at it for awhile and clicking it I said oooh it sounds very interesting since I am facing the same problems over 8yrs from now so I’ve got the courage to see what it is. You might be can help, looking forward hearing from you soon thank you

        • how can i help you………… “T”

          • Are you going to stand with their sides and willing to help with those women’s like this girl on the pic above who has a baby boy or you’ll just giving them advices what they can do…I have 8 years old boy and his father left us after we got married my son already one year and of course the father was there when I was giving birth and he acknowledge it

        • How about for those kids who’s parents ate not married and not using his father’s lastname? Will they also be covered by this bill?

          • being a father far outweighs the fact of who’s married and who’s not – will the law look at that? who knows, but in law based on first world order, a father is always demanded to pay regardless of marriage

      • The picture that is posted is not of a women and child not getting any financial income! She gets it biweekly and gets even more for medical expenses for the child. And I can prove it. I would like to know if you had a written consent of the mother before putting her picture up on the internet.

        • Under any legal matters involved with we can only speak to the person ‘directly’ involved and not a third party on such matters.

          • How can you be contacted directly. That way my sons picture is taken off this website

            • there are many people attached to this site, i’m just a writer only, nothing more – if you want, you can contact me via here with proof that you are in fact that person, that is in fact your son, and this matter is closed – i personally do not know you from Adam, as they say

              • I will be contacting you and I have my sons birth certificate so that should be enough proof. And proof of all the income I’ve sent since before he was born

                • so you are saying you are in fact the father? in the first post you say you know them, second post you say it’s your child, now you want to defend yourself by sending proof of what you sent? are you defending yourself or do you want the photograph changed?

                  By the way his birth certificate alone does not dictate he is in fact your child, your proof of who you are is also in order or his mother/guardian etc.

    • I agree

    • It isn’t pointed at foreigners. The law, if passed, would apply to everyone.

      • You are correct Cris, the law covers everyone, if it only was aimed at foreigners it would be passed in 90 days or less, but since it’s aimed at poor filipinos who screw like monkies on shabu, it will never pass as it would be inhumane to think that a poor filipino would ever have to pay for such a gift from god, diba.

        saying that, even if it is passed for pure morality, nobody would much enforce it until they find out they are driving a Toyota SUV or has some cash laying around, then the full power of the law would no doubt be brought upon them (this of course also is “spoken in dollar” for foreigners as well)

        • I agree

          • …Both parents should be able to support the child/children right? I mean, if the mother works full-time, she should be able to take care, feed and bring her kid to the hospital for check-ups if needed, aside from getting financial help from the father. But what if she doesn’t? Is that a totally different case? What if she does not support her kid financially too? I mean, the kid is in her custody and she cannot even buy her decent clothes. What should we do? :(

    • Agree

    • Are you guilty ??? I mean just because the photos of the woman has a child of a foreigner doesn’t mean it’s purely for foreigner. Although I know a lot of pilipinos who has foreigner wives who doesn’t accept thier own responsibility too .

      • Me guilty? no, my children know me and I take care of them as best as I can.

        The bill is not aimed at foreigners, however you may have noticed my site is aimed at foreign information and help to those that accept it

    • I agree with you.

    • i will say shut up guys.. we’d better make a study to see the real situation in Phils. You will understand when we can see some young stupid Filipinas who are looking up for foreigners as dollars which imputed by the colonial mentality but you guys as foreigners if you want to fuck Pinays be fair to put barrier from getting pregnant and leave the responsibilities. And its just like flushed your own soul into the toilet bowl.. are you still feeling wholesome knowing you have left an unresolve issues..

    • pinoy men should be penalized, no mattr what race, the father should take responsibility of his actions. the innocent children are greatly affected. this should be implementd to prevent over numbered irresponsible fathers in the future.

    • MARIA ROLINDA D. JUMAWAN | November 20, 2015 at 11:59 am |

      As I about to read the said Bill- I become hopeful as it will give a chance to my four children whom havent supported by their father for about four years since the day we separated. However, Is this Bill applicable to a father who has no income?

      • the bill is applicable to people that do not work as most Filipinos tend to just sit around and do nothing, pretending that all things in life are free, while thumping everything with two legs and tits – however saying that, your inept court system also allows for this, so getting it passed into law first is the first part – having your ex thrown in jail for his games is the second step

  2. I suspect that at least some foreigners living here pay towards any children that they have intentionally fathered here. Most Filipinos I know that have children by previous relationships don’t give their ex any money at all. It is a good idea, although long overdue, that absent parents should contribute toward the raising of their offspring. The fact that nothing has been done about it in the past, shows how vacuous the Philippines position on the sanctity and importance of the family in society is.
    The girl, like many in Angeles is a working girl and as such, is unlikely to know who the father of any of her children is.

  3. another joke pointed at the foreigners that keep the country afloat, the government in the Philippines need to fix their corruption problems, and make it feasible to foreign investment. Like Gav said will never pass, because of the many children fathered by politicians that don’t support their illegitimate children. The legal system is very inadequate to handle that law,like Ra 9262 is so backed up it takes 2-3 years to settle. I was charged with 9262 and finally dismissed after 2.5 years because the charges were false and she never showed up for any hearing over the 2.5 years and many hearings. you need to seriously need to fix your hearing procedures, if the plaintiff don’t show for a subpoena, the charges should be dropped at that time. I agree that the foreigners in the Philippines should have to pay support for the children they father here, if a US citizen fathers a child the women can get help and support by going to the US Embassy,but must have the information they need to track down the father so the State dept. can and will help.

    • mulan kamuri | November 18, 2015 at 3:04 pm |

      considering myself, i have a child from a foreigner boyfriend, what i did is that a went to the consulate office and ask for some advices on what to do, since the father of my child doesn’t show to any court hearings for the ra 9262 case i filed against him, i was ask to submit many documentation including the immigration DNA test which is very expensive for us Filipino, after 10 months my child was approve to get a social security support , an a US citizenship, but that support is good only until she gets 18 years old.

      • Hi, I’m very interesting to read your comment. I just inquired to child support agency in the USA a week ago. My fiance does not support my child since June this year its so hard for me coz its not easy to find job here in the Philippines. We are tottaly no contact he always refuse to answer call n emails. He said to his last mail was he have nothing to give anymore for the child.. She is 4 years old. I am now currently working as a sewer I earn 5$ full time 12 hours work everyday. I don’t have family here living close so I had to leave my child to the neighbors. I’m always worried that my child is so spoiled people might get mad at her and experience child abuse. I should be the one taking care of her but I have no choice I need to earn money.. I need advice pls help me what would I do? I always cry I’m so depress .. Pls email me

  4. I fully support parents accounting for their kids finances. However a few issues need to be corrected. The Bill only targets fathers. Usually people with legal custody also carry the financial responsibility and it is the remaining parent that runs away from this responsibility.

    I feel that the Bill should not be sexist. The remaining parent must be called to assist in financial maintenance – a man or a woman.

    Secondly the criminalising should only be when the party is unwilling and evades payment, not when he/she is unable.

    Thirdly the custodial parent needs to be shown to have responsibly used the money of maintenance in the interest of the child. The maintenance paying parent must not be used as an ATM and money must be spent wisely and the custodial parent’s share of the contribution must also be shown.

    I know it is hard to comply with many of this, but people need to be responsible both ways 1) in supporting their children and 2) to make sure money given to them for support is very responsibly used only for the child.

    • How do you expect for the custodial parent/guardian to work and earn money and take care of the child at the same time, particulary in the child’s early years?

      • TOTALLY agree with you anon 4:04pm

      • It is done in other societies all the time, Anonymous. Being a parent does not preclude someone from working at the same time. It’s difficult, but not to be blindly written off as not possible.

      • How about people practice safe sex and not make babies when they are not financially secure enough to support themselves, let alone a child.

        The truth is, there is no guarantee that the child support money will be used FOR the child. It should be equally criminal for that money to be used unnecessarily by the custodial parent.

        It really makes me shake my head when I see children in their early twenties being “parents” and then complaining that they can’t support them properly. They should have thought about that before they decided to have unprotected sex and bring a life they can’t support into this beautiful harsh world.

        It’s their own god-damn fault. Be responsible.

        As for the bill itself, I believe it could help, but it needs a good thorough look and consideration of other factors. Design preventative measures, not threats.

      • Im a father myself.if you are responsible parent anything is possible due to hardwork and dedication to your own child.but anyway i read some of the comments here that all foreigners take responsibilty for their child is not true!i know some scum that refuse to pay childsupport and only goes there to fuck leaving woman with all responsibilty for the child or pregnancy.

  5. All comments here are somewhat on point but some are amusing.

    To those who are commenting what should be done, why don’t you try running for politics and make a law instead of blabbering your mouths here? You should support the law created and if you are not satisfied and want another law to take effect, run for a Senate. Simple as that.

    Enjoyed reading this article. :)


  6. Although a good idea in principle it will not be workable in practice. Could be a worthwhile deterrent though. It would need worldwide extradition agreements to get foreign defaulters back , just to start with. Pinoy fathers have no money to pay and it would cost a fortune to keep them all in prison. I would suggest this law includes compulsory vasectomy for defaulting fathers which would also prevent the Ph over-population problems caused by the Catholic Church anti-birth control teachings.

  7. Why is it this Law only pointing to the fathers?

    I’m a little concerned about my friend. Because his ex-girlfriend is threatening my friend that she will file this case against him for not supporting their child. As to what I know, since the beginning of the girl’s pregnancy until the child’s 1st birthday, my friend financially supported the child AND her. It’s just that my friend doesn’t want to continue their relationship because of the girl’s attitude problem. So the child now is incoming 3 years old. My friend stopped his financial support to their child since May this year because he had enough of her attitude. He wants to continue though but the girl said “The child is not yours so stop trying”. And so he stopped. Is he subjected to this kind of complaint? I hope someone can answer this

    • the law does not point just at the father, it states so in the body of the article…………

      • because IT IS USUALLY THE FATHER who rans away from the responsibility.. leaving the child’s mother with financial, emotional, physical burden to raise the child/children on her own in addition to the ridicule, judgment and criticisms that society will throw to the poor parent. I am praying this bill will be legalized.

        – on hand experience

        • under RA 9262 the system already covers the fact, but getting the courts and barangays to dictate it correctly is a waste of time.

          I do believe this will become law, possibly with additions or added sub-sections in deference to common wording that will allow most to see what it is all about.

        • You are right

    • Law is law…whatever it is,no excuses. .

      • That’s an unfair judgment. Whatever it is, both sides should be opened and be heard. We don’t even know half of the story. Why is this country only counts on the side of the mother? Well, what I know is that sinadya nung girl na mabuntis siya kasi the guy wants to break up with him. That’s why the girl became pregnant. Medyo “bitch” kasi yun girl kaya nakikipaghiwalay yun guy. And now, may bagong bf yun girl, sinasabi ng girl na hindi daw yun guy friend ko yun father nung bata. So is that even accountable with this kind of complaint?

        • only solution the law is the law dont stick your penis where it doesnt belong ” consequences”

        • Hello ako po yung NASA article nasasaktan ako sa mga usapin dito Hindi ito ang inaasahan ko my isang reporter na nag punta dito at interview po ako take picture ang akala ko hang gang run lng pero nagulat ako bakit ganito ang ng yari my suporta ako sa dadi ng bata maayos ang communication namin ikakasal na ang dadi nya sa iba pero ayos lng sakin un dahil sya ang nag sabi na Hindi mawawala ang suporta ng bata pero bakit ganito pinag uusapan ako wala akung ka alam alam na ganito pala ang ngbyayari dito diyos ko sana matigil nato lng issues na ito…

    • Yes, your friend should support his child regardless of the mother’s atitude, he should be supporting the child, he doesnt have anything to do with the mother in the 1st place IF they’re not married

      • let me reiterate something so that everyone so there is no confusion as it appears to be repeating itself

        Just because the father of a baby (or a mother) is not married to you, that DOES Not release him or her from his obligation as a parent

      • I have the same situation with my brother. The girl demands everything. like, EVERYTHING. My brother gives money, milk, diapers and vitamins. All we ask is if we can have the kid for two weeks or so. We are also concerned about the child’s safety and welfare. Whenever we get the chance to have the kid for a week, she is always sick, always with mosquito bites that turns into wounds. But she does not care— at all. She always tell us to take her to the doctor if we want to. What can we do? She’s obviously not going to pay for anything when it comes to her kid since the father is all-out when it comes to the child’s needs. But we need the mother to work to, since she has full-time work. If she cannot take care of my niece, would be fair to have the full custody of the kid?

  8. What if nasa tatay yung mga anak so mapepenalize din ba ang mga nanay na hindi nagbibigay ng sustento?hmm..

  9. Is this applicable also to the father of the child even if they are not married to the mother of the child?

  10. I agree. Its better na maipakulong naman para malaman ng mga lalaking iyan kung gaano kahirap magpalaki ng anak. Isa ako sa nabiktima sa panloloko ng isang lalaking na nagpakilalang single siya, yon pala me asawa’t anak.

  11. what if the situation is that the woman only had some few nights with a guy and says she only wants a baby. so they did have a baby after, but the guy did not sign any document to support that he is the father of the child. and then, after a year or so, the woman would demand for financial support.

    • that said someone is still the father, so it does not disregard the reality, it’s completely based on first world mentality, so think of it as a heart-warming gift from abroad

    • DNA test will prove if he is yhe father
      Anak pa din nya yan…
      Pasensya sya…pumayag sya e

    • Guys should never agree to such an arrangement, then.

    • P’anu Mahabol ang tatay ng Bata Kung hindi kasal ang mag asawa? Kunwari Yung tatay nya foreigner din nag support cya sa Bata 2yrs and 7 months din bigla cyang nawala hindi na cya macontact p’anu Mahabol Yun?

      • My suggestion is to contact the embassy or consulate of the country the man is from, many will try to avoid you but someone that is willing to assist you in the matter may be able to help you connect and even receive money from the person you are trying to locate (that of course unless he is dead).

  12. Diana jean Kabuhat | November 17, 2015 at 10:55 pm |

    I am so happy…so will most of my friends whose husband left with no legal hold to our rights, as the legalwife and whose support to our children felt like asking alms and pleading for additional remittance …even tuition fees were always a painstaking move…been praying for something like this…God is good…

  13. What about father’s rights to see their children . If u pay u should also get the rights which is so often over looked when it comes to foreigners . The country if absolutely fucked law less and just a joke . I spend 12 yrs there full time and the place is just the wild west

    • The “Wild West” will never change, like most things here, only 3,000 years and a bullet full of guns will change most things, however you are correct, ten years here and all i hear is the ‘repeated’ same bullshit i heard when i arrived here a decade ago.

  14. What if ayaw ipakita nung nanay yun bata kasi they have separated and have their own relationships already? Kahit sustento sa bata, ayaw tanggapin. Kasi ang condition na gusto nung nanay is magkabalikan sila nung father nung bata. So anong pwedeng mangyari? Sana may makasagot. Thanks..

  15. What if the father refuses to acknowledge his daughter legally to avoid legal problems and to avoid paying for the support since day one of the mother’s pregnancy?

  16. Can i ask question? I have a son in japanese man and he run away when im pregnant. And my babu now is 2years old already.. And i want to get some support from him.. Can anybody help me? I really need a help to make it for the future of my son.. Thank u..

    • and where is the father now, in japan or here in the Philippines?

      • He is in japan now.. But he married a filipina and they have vacation here in davao city i think ones a year..

        • I too am from Davao City, do yourself a favor and file a case against this man by going to the City court house or City Hall and seeking a free lawyer to file a case against him.

          On his next vacation he will be unable to leave the Philippines or he may very well be arrested at the airport after NBI looks at his passport for any issues marked against him – once he’s in custody he will have to answer to the court about support.

          Please take a look at RA 9262 for further assistance.

  17. Paano if ayaw n ama ng bata na tangapin ang bata since the pregnancy of the mother di din acknowledge na anak nya how can a father pay for the support and how does the law applies? What if the father refuses to undergo DNA?? And DNA is very expensive how is that?

  18. What if there are proofs that the mother is rejecting the father’s support? BUT here’s the catch, once she heard this law, she wants to sue the father. So, is the father at fault or not? Thank you.

    • Under any code or law of any land in the world, the answer is yes, yes he is

      • Even if the mother of the child is rejecting all his supports? That’s so unfair! He is supporting their child its just that the mother is rejecting all of it. The mother has faults too!

    • They’re both at fault – for being shitty human beings, for being shitty parents, making babies that will most likely grow up in a shitty environment and becoming shitty people themselves because that’s all they know – shit.

      justkidding, yes the father (or mother, in the opposite case) is at fault.

    • why don’t you post my reply. Is it because you don’t like dissent. Be a man and post it

  19. This law is so unfair! How about for mothers who fail to support their illegitimate children?.. It should be applied to them too..

  20. How about mothers who are not supporting their children? They should be put in jail too. Ra 9262 and this bill are all for about men? They have rights too.


  22. Gretchen ilagan | November 18, 2015 at 11:09 am |

    Hi i have a question im working in us california and my father of my child is in the philippines i know he has no work right now but he betray me after we got married he had another affair when im here in us california and we got married we been together almost 17 yrs but 2 got here hes been chaeting to me i have 5 yrs old son and now im working as a care giver so its hard to race a child that knowing ur child is not always w/ you and i need to be reaponsible father to not only to his new baby he need to be fair enough to support my son education someday thats all i need but the problem is my child is w/me and he is only his mom helping him right now but i know sometimes he has a money ???

    • This bill is looking at parental obligation and hopefully not at whether he/she sits around all day watching Showtime and drinking beer with his/her buddies while thinking they are getting away from their obligations as a parent.

      under RA 9262 many subsections of the lawn were upgraded (or rewritten) in the past decade and have reinvented themselves as helping with those seeking to make a father or mother pay for their child.

      You can learn alot by clicking on the bill in my site or typing in any search engine RA 9262 – you can also seek help from any governmental body (not a barangay, they are worthless in this matter) and seek assistance in any women and children’s help desk in most city hall’s, court houses or larger police stations where those types of desks are prevalent

  23. I do hope that this bill should put into consideration & protect the welfare of the family from which the husband bore a child from an illicit affair, especially when the husband’s salary could barely support his family & legitimate children.

  24. I do hope that this bill should put into consideration & protect the welfare of the family from which the husband had a child from an illicit affair, especially when the husband’s salary could barely support his family & legitimate children.

    • Illicit affairs outside of a marriage is already covered in many aspects of RA 9262 – this law would not move or alter that intent in any way – the father or parent is in fact the father or the parent regardless of where in that family chain he is from, and/or came from

      Basically saying that a father is a father no matter if from an illicit affair, a one night stand or a drunken escapade

  25. Hi,
    My daughter’s father left us because of another woman. I want to sue him for neglecting us. My lawyer said if he has no work yet the court may dismiss the case.
    Please help. ever since he haven’t gave something for our baby even a single peso.

    • Not having a job does not dismiss him from his obligations to you as a person – the problem in the Philippines is the fact that nobody wants to go after these men who just thump every other women and leave them without regard to reality.

      Let’s face it, if you basically allow the man to sit around and drink, gamble and do nothing all day, he basically will

      This problem is why i noted in the content that most barangays are inept and have no, or show no real intent to fix matters at hand, they basically are worthless in regard to true legal matters and the Filipino people allow the system to dictate this

  26. How about my son’s father don’t recognize him as a his child? do I need a DNA teptest? but I don’t have enough money for that. What should I do?

    • if the father is a foreigner, then by all means ask for help at the consulate or embassy from where he is from

      If he is a Filipino then getting a free lawyer from the women’s and children’s help desk as most city hall’s and court houses in your region, can assist you in this matter

  27. Before they will put up this government should build more Jails, why? how to afford to maintenance of 30k per month, wherein a salaried employee not even reach to 30k his monthly pay? How about trycycles drivers, farmers, vendors, who are living only a sum of 5k- 10k per month. If the mother of a child who spend like no tomorrow, and she come to know this Law sure a lot of women will use this law to get maintenance. Lastly, Goodluck to all fathers like me….

  28. Nice try Timothy, but this bill is mainly a bill against foreigners. Tell me how will you get a Filipino to pay? If it isn’t a bill against foreigners why do you have picture of a Filipina with a white child. I have seen many of the articles you have put up here that are very anti- foreigner, Why is that?

    • My site is aimed at Foreigners and not Filipinos, however, saying that my following with Filipinos is gaining ground.

      I assist many foreigners who come here, so adding the word “anti” makes it appear you take offense to anything based on reality – as with this article the intent is to show foreigners that their so called “vacation” and “retirement” style life here can and will get them in trouble in about as quick as 3,2,1…….

  29. You really think that this applies to all. This is a bill aimed at foreigners because they have the deep pockets. You watch and see the first cases when this law is enacted. I would like to know Timothy why many of your articles are slanted toward foreigner and the bad they do? You say this bill is for all, if that is so why do you have a picture of a Filipina holding a white child. To me that shows this is a bill to extort more money from foreigner. How much of that money will ever make it back to those who need it? Sounds like another attempt of the politicians in Manila to make more money to line their own pockets.

    • I’ve said that all along, my point to this article is subject to interpretation – my belief is that if you have a bit of cash or are a foreigner you basically will be dragged into court and criminalized for the matter.

      Trust me when i tell you, I was dragged into a legal matter with my son nearly 7 years ago by his mother who tried to basically charge me with RA 9262 – which is nothing but the original part of the legal law.

      So in summary, this law is just another basic waste of time for many, but trust me, if a mother or parent wants to drag anyone into the system she already has that legal right via RA 9262.

  30. magtatanong lng ako kung pwd ilipat sa apilyido ko un anak ng asawa ko sa pagkadalaga inde po sila kinasal pero un baby nila is asa apilyido nun biological father na nang iwan sa kanila ngaun Gusto kasi namin mag asawa na mailipt sa apilyido ko may chances po ba kaya since birth inde na sinupurtahan ng biological father, Now married kami ni mrs and may bago kami baby and ayaw ko ma left alone un ate at gusto rin nya plitan n apilyido nya with my last name. Anak ko n din xa inde man by blood at mahal ko un bata now any help po na kung pwd ilipat n sa name ko any idea po will be appreciated salamat

    • Trying to get a name change to a child once the prior father has noted that he is in fact the father is not an easy matter in the Philippines – saying that it is possible as long as the original father agrees and is willing to sign over the fact that he is allowing this to happen.

      I’ve also known a few dirty lawyers who can change last names one letter at a time but i’ll try to skip that as it’s a dirty maneuver that may come back to haunt you if your husband is a foreigner.

  31. What about those father leaving their children 35 year ago without support? knowing that their father was on good situation. Are they included on this Bill HB-6079?should Children have a right to after their father even though its already 35 years passed? Mmmm let me take twice?? give me some info please!

    • Your answer would be no, once past 18 years of age the father would be free from his obligation to you – saying that, you can fight to have your right as a citizen of his country (if he is a foreigner) and may seek assistance from the Embassy of his country in Manila or the Philippines

  32. Putang inang law to. Ang mga babae kasi madaling bumukaka, wala manlang self respect tapos magagalit pagnabuntis.

  33. Can I ask a question? I have two kids the father is from germany? The father left back in his country and never come back again. Since 2011 he left and no communication from him . Where I can ask help so he can support my children’s . I need help or support from the father co’z I don’t have work…

    • This law does not assist those who’s parents are outside of the country – for the past several years, the Philippines government has been working on a system that would make all parents liable for support regardless of where they are in the world.

      Sorry to say but that issue will take decades to work out as to many people fly in and out of this country on any given time. I would suggest talking to the German Embassy in Manila or trying to find someone that is from Germany to assist you in this matter (preferably a women)

    • I heard the father was in jailed in germany…

    • I heard the father was in jailed in germany…

  34. What if the child is already turning 18 soon? There were no signs from the mother asking for financial help even before. But because of this law, can they still file for support request? If yes, can the father first request for a DNA test to make sure that the kid is really his?

    • If child support was not requested or demanded prior and the child is turning of legal age, it may be tricking to move forward, however if the child is going to college, the legality of the father supporting that fact for his child may come into play and bring a better light to the issue in which you stated here.

      Any parent can request a DNA test at any time, foreign or not, so that is another path of figuring out who the parent really is, and if he or she in fact owes child support for such

  35. razel catamin | November 18, 2015 at 5:54 pm |

    panu po pg d kasal at my anak kming isa.pag nsa barko po sya meron po kming natatanggap na 5,000.00.kumikita po sya ng mahigit 1000US$ a month.pag wla po sya sa barko,wala n dn po kming natatanggap.panu po b ang tamang suporta sa anak.salamat po…

    • His obligation to you for support runs each and every month, my suggestion to you is to find a lawyer (free lawyer) in your area or town (mostly in city halls) that relate to law 9262 (The Abuse Against Women and Children) – in larger cities many free lawyers are obligated to assist people like you in these matters – they not only will enforce that law, but such laws have been set in place in the philippines for numerous years.

      You may also find a women’s and children’s welfare or help desk in most regions of the philippines, via police stations, court houses or city halls that can assist you in this matter.

  36. My brother supported his child but he stopped because of financial problem. The mother of the child doesn’t have a job at first that’s why my brother supports their child fully. That was last year. He stopped just this April because of financial problem. Now the mother already have a job and the child is now 3 years old. They are separated by the way. Now the mother doesn’t want my brother to help her financially because “she can do it alone” now. But what i’ve heard, the mother wants to sue my brother for this kind of law. Is my brother subjected to this kind of complaint?

    • The father is legally liable regardless of whether the mother can support the child on her own – the legal aspect of support is always there regardless of the other parents income or potential income – the parent (he or she) has a legal obligation to support and is enforceable under any and all aspects regardless of intent.

      • Para sa akin ha, bill pa lang naman eto di ba? It’s not a law yet. So hindi pa enforceable. Ibig sabihin, pag naging law na to, saka pa lang pwde pumnta sa court ang aggrieved party at magkakaroon ng agreement ang both parties. You can’t just sue right away. You can sue the default party if there is a breach of agreement.

  37. Both sides should be heard. It is stated in the Human Rights Artcle III Section 1.

  38. What if the father is supporting the child but he is not given the chance to see or to be with his child? I have a friend he is an ofw, he was separated from his live in partner. Their 2 kids was left with the parents of the girl in the province since the girl is working in manila. He is sending monthly support for their kids. when he came home for vacation, he wants to get his kids just to be with them during his vacation but the parents of the girl refused. How about his rights? Being a father is not only for financial responsibility, he has also the right to see or to be with them. The law should also see about this matter to be fair to both sides.

  39. Because of this bill, girlfriend and getting married is no longer an option for me. I don’t want any hard responsibilities like this. I want to remain single for the rest of my life, and I’ll fully enjoy it. I never wanted to have a child.

  40. Keith San Juan | November 18, 2015 at 8:38 pm |

    Badly needed help. I’m not getting any support from my husband since my son turned two because he abandoned us. I’m not asking for support before because I can still make enough for a living however the past few years i’ve been very sickly and wanted to seek support. I can’t afford to pay attorney fees. He’s working in Taiwan and I don’t know how I could possibly file a case for support.

    Appreciate the assistance
    Keith San Juan

    • that’s a tricky one, but anyone entrenched in the laws of OFW’s most likely can assist you – by the way you can great free legal advise in most any City Hall and basically
      any women’s, children’s help desk in many police stations and governmental centers throughout the Philippines, and it’s free

  41. Hinde pinagisipan to

  42. so now I really am confident that I can demand for financial support. if he doesn’t cooperate at all, then I don’t give any hesitations to sue and imprison him. since my last trimester, to may cesarean section delivery and until now that our baby is 10-month old, I got nothing from him. and here’s the very most interesting part of our story, he even has a whore girl. no time to visit us, no money to finance, yet has time and money for his whore.

  43. Hhmmm.. How about law that will criminalize mother who abandons or fail to support their children?

  44. In philippines this is fine for LEGAL FATHERs and SINGLE GUYS who pregnated their girl friends who refuses to give support for child.

    But please PHILIPPINE GOV. do also CONSIDER that ther are lots of females who WHORE themselves and use the child JUST TO GET MONEY!

    There are cases that the guys is already married with kids who has full and deep pockets. A lot of women will WHORE themselves to that kind of guy and ensure that they’ll get pregnant to USE the CHILD SUPPORT as an EXCUSE to COLLECT MONEY from the guy.

    • I agree. This is the most appropriate comment among all that i’ve read. This is REALITY.

      • I totally agree with this. Ung mga nag comment lang dito baka sila pa ung mga nanlalaki at kinuha mga anak nila iniwang ang faithful husband. Dapat kasuhan din sila at hindi sila karapat dapat sustentuhan

  45. Will this law apply even when kids are no longer minors? Can it be retroactive? Been separated more than a decade and my kids’ father never sent a single centavo. Been working alone to provide for their needs. Now both kids are in college already. Would like for the father to pay for all those years of abandonement and economic abuse. Thanks

    • From what little i know about the law itself (which by the way, it is not law yet) it will not be retroactive and it will not be extendable past the age of 18, unless the child is going to college and needs further support to become employed etc.

  46. Being father it doesn’t matter which country you came from.

    • You are right about that, but the aspect of getting support from a foreign father once they leave the country, becomes a lengthy and costly matter and often is not even looked at in a kind way from other countries.

      Saying that I know of a few that have been successful in the matter

  47. What happen if the guy acknowledge the child because the family of the girl and the girl itself forcing him to sign by threatening him even if the guy was not sure that he really was the father of the child since that girl has multiple bf…advise pls…i think the girls side want that someone will take the responsibility..

  48. i have question. what if the girl dont want to have any contact with the father, the father at fist give financial supportfor his child but unfortunately the mother dont want the father to see his child?

  49. what if the mother itself stop the communication with the father, and also what if at first the father gives financial support with his chil but the mother dont give the right for the father to see his own child even if he gives support, also the mother first have an affair with someone thats the reason why they got separated.

    • People keep asking the same question – relevance of the father is not forgiven due to martial affairs etc. even if he left, you were not married or any other thing that someone is trying to use against you to deter you from seeking assistance in this matter.

      A father is a father is a father, as they say, nothing, NOTHING can take that away from the child, the mother or the parent in this case.

      What matters is the person who has custody of the child seeks help based on reality, law and burden of proof, past that, it’s a pretty straight forward law, someone is going to pay, i don’t care if you child is baby number 79 in a row of 147 children, he is paying

      • Nice… ex-hubby with deep pocket. and the whoring wife with another man wasting the ex hubby’s money… This law is nice but like other law. will be abused by people. e.g. whoring girls with 3 children with 3 different foreign father. easy way to get rich.

  50. Ohara Razonable | November 19, 2015 at 1:12 am |

    we are both filipino but we are here in japan can i file sa case even outside the philippines?

    • you may file a case in the Philippines from Japan with the help of a guardian etc. by making them a “Power of Attorney” over your matters, however if the case comes to court you most likely will have to attend to that matter

  51. Albert Regencia | November 19, 2015 at 3:48 am |

    The bill is one-sided putting the pressure on the father. What if the father have provided what is required but then the money is being wasted by the wife in some vises. Drugs, casinos or having affair with another man are the worst cases wherein the money intended for the children are being consumed. Would the author of this bill is willing to sponsor another bill? With some complications on the Family Code of the Philippines with no acceptance of Divorce, although spouses have physically separated, the wife tends to abuse the system on whatever she can extract from the husband. And this bill will be another forcefield to the erring wife. Damn be fair.

    • In the case of the Philippines, the father is mostly at large for his disappearing acts, however the law does give relevance to mothers too.

      In the case of “what if’s” the law does not look at that, if the court deems you incompetent and not paying, you are in fact guilty of that infraction regardless of what the the money is being used for.

      As for “erring wife’s” much of what you stated is already covered in RA 9262 – if anything is being done illegally, well we all know to well that 100’s, if not 1000’s of other bills exist to that reality – making them work or at best making the system work is one of the hardest things to do, no actually finding the father or mother in contempt

  52. genara facundo | November 19, 2015 at 4:22 am |

    I was very happy that I can now put to file a case for my daughter rights since she was a kid with disability and for many years the father who was working in Australia for 10 years did not support her. Now that i am back from Saudi Arabia to Phils becoz for my daughter case , i will really pursue to demand becoz my earnings here in Phils is not suited for her since she has all maintenance such as medications and her diapers and expensive milk. As a Single mother its very hard on my part that I am the one supporting her n the father is still alive and gained huge amount of salary.

    • you may also get assistance from the Australian Embassy against your case – good place to start

    • Minsan hindi natin tinitignan na babae din ang dahilan kung bkit sila iniiwan ng lalaki. Minsan ngayon kasi babae na nanlalaki. Hindi na kasalanan ng lalaki na nakipaghiwalay ka sa kanya. Kung gusto mo sustentuhan nya anak mo, ibigay mo sa kanya to be fair. Fathers lang kasi pinupuntirya dito

  53. Correct me if I am wrong.

    This seems to be a sexist law against fathers.

    How about mothers ? Where is gender equality in this ?

  54. Hi! i just would like to ask. I have filed a case against my husband last May 2015, the resolution came out last June 30, 2015. My husband sent a motion for reconsideration sometime Sept. 2015 asking the prosecutor to recall the resolution for RA9262. Fortunately, the prosecutor denied his motion for reconsideration. As far as I know, last October, the court already issued a warrant of arrest for my husband. Since i am in the province and the case is filed here while my husband is residing at Manila, i was advised by the court to wait for a month to hear about the warrant being sent to Manila PNP for my husband. Until now my husband is still free and i wast told that he is currently processing for his travel documents for him to work abroad. I dont know if the case i filed will prosper since i dont have news anymore about the warrant. with this new HB, how can i possibly sue my husband provided that he has a pending case for RA9262? i hope to hear from you. thanks and God bless

    • that is a legal matter that is too deep for me to respond too, the first thing is to have him answer to the warrant of arrest for the case of RA 9262 – that alone should set into motion the right to sue him for back support etc. I would also be talking POEA or the employer about garnishing his wages just as if someone would use their new job as a ways to loan money to get to a country or start an OFW job abroad.

  55. Is this bill covers also those illigitimate children but acknodledge by ther father? ??? what if the the father dont have permanent work what will happen?.

  56. The father wants to have the baby adopted, but the mother wants to keep it. They are not married. The father is currently in the US, recently got married and filing for adjustment of status. Is the father still obligated to support the child?

  57. The father wants to have the baby adopted, but the mother wants to keep it. They are not married. The father is currently in the US, recently got married to a US citizen and is filing for adjustment of status. Is the father still obligated to support the child?

  58. I am a retired American living in Iloilo City with my Asawa. I am 62 years old and she is 58 years old and still working for the government. Anyway,
    my often comments to her are: I have never seen so many pregnant women as I’ve seen here. Many young females in their early 20’s with a two year old and pregnant again. What ever happened to birth control? The land mass in the Philippines is equal to the State of Arizona in the US. However, this country has a population of 90,000.000 people. The entire US has about 350,000,000 people. Do the math and do the land area…OMG

    • It’s amusing, today i was at a local hospital for a checkup (was a total disaster) but my point was, while waiting for a paper that I’ve waited for for ten days and now told it will be 7 more days, a 14 year old girl was breast feeding her new baby next to me, that my friend is the entire problem right there.

      14, 24 or 36, keep in mind that the educated question of the day is often a trick to answer for those in the 14-24 and 36-year-old range, so it leaves little to desire for someone with a western mentality

  59. What if it was the mother who run away from their husbands with their kids. The mother was not forced to leave the house, but due to her infidelity issues she has to leave the faithful husband and be united with another man. Nasan ang hustisya sa mga ganitong klasi ng lalaki? And unfortunately the mother’s new relationship did not succeed so now she is chasing her ex husband to support their kids. This law is stupid and does not stating the real facts and right clauses that should appear here.

  60. At times, legislators are stupid for making such a law without correcting another law. With the current situation of employments, 98% of businesses are hiring personnel that are young. They should make a law to abolish this one so that can be fair for everyone to have a job. Both parents are equally responsible. How can a parent support a child if that parent can’t even find employment? This law can be good if it can be supported by other laws in order to provide employment for parents.

    Often, legislators don’t have any knowledge how it feels to lose a job. Others lost their jobs over the age of 35, considering that most companies are employing personnel below the age of 35.

    This opinion might sound stupid, but try looking at reality. How can a parent support a child if that parent is behind bars? The law should try to be involved positively, especially those parents who don’t have stable jobs.

  61. The legislator who made this bill is ignorant is some way. Where does the money go when someone pays the penalty? The employees of government are more likely to use the money for personal gain? Get real! This country has a problem in providing jobs for its people. Solve that first then you can solve the focus of this bill.

  62. This will make the situation worse. Politicians assume too much thinking they can solve personal and economic problems by means of legislation. The only people that will benefit once this bill becomes a law are corrupt officials. I think they are more than happy and grateful to Rep. Rosenda Ann Ocampo for giving them another source of income.

  63. both party is responsible (mother and father )n terms of monetary support , both of them they wanted to be in that situation, so i dont think its only men or the father has to suffer.Not all but SOME women are using this against Men this kind of can supprt his child/children depending on his condition /salary etch ..sometime wsome women ask for more which they used their children for their laziness to work. if you love your children you will do everything for them .

    • What if the man is married and has a family, but he cheated and the woman got pregnant. Will the man be obligated to support the mistress’ child? If he will not support, will he be criminalized as well? especially if the other woman will demand for support? because I really don’t want any connections between him and his mistress anymore. Enlighten me with this please. – wife of the husband who cheated.

  64. I would like to have your opinion and what advise you could give.

    A friend of mine got married in Philippines to a Kuwaiti guy. The guy abandoned them for no reason at all.

    What is the best thing the mother should do to get his sons’ right from the father?

    • I would seek the advise of the Kutait Embassy in Manila – however, you may run into a roadblock with them, check to see if you have a women’s and children’s help desk in your local City Hall and seek their advise as well.

      I am positive you are not in a lost cause for doing so, especially if your marriage was performed in the PH, saying that I doubt your marriage has any reality to finding a peaceful means to getting support for your child.

  65. angelinasingson | November 19, 2015 at 11:36 pm |

    Interesting article.
    I agree, the terms should not be mother or father, but parent.

    This is hard to determine *legality* of the couple, married or not or parentage of the child without going through expensive DNA testings.
    I grow up in a small town, and the illegitimate (children outside of legal marriage) was not considered legal child.

    But skip that, let us say the child (inside/outside) of marriage is recognize by BOTH parents as their child.

    When they decide to live separately – is their a separation agreement : details where the child live full-time, who gives child support, who decides for the child’s health, education and religion?

    If there is none, then getting a “separation agreement” is the first step. Going to court, suing each other, is waste of money. Get a lawyer, and have an agreement, and submit to family court is better way, and agree to terms. If they partner is gone already, have a draft for an agreement anyways, and serve it to the other party. This way, they other parent know what is expected – in terms of money or other expenses coming up.

    I don’t see any standard Child Support Table for child support base on income (mother or father) in the Philippines, so everyone are going blind on this, or if anyone has it, send me the link.

    Also, accountability is important.
    RECEIVER: If you are receiver of the child support, make sure it is for your children. Keep receipts, if none – write it down on the notebook. When you ask for child support, especially if going after US partner – have a budget. You probably have an idea about costing for milk and other incidentals. If you are a responsible receiver, you will get positive help from other consulates.

    SENDER: For those who sent child support and have to stop because of “communication breakdown”, document receipts, money given in cash, bank records, or even pictures together with time stamp. Accountability should be both ways.

    And yes, working as single dad/mom is tough. But it is possible. It is called being a parent, and being responsible for your actions, and being reliable to your child, regardless if you are alone or supported.

  66. angelinasingson | November 19, 2015 at 11:43 pm |

    And …IMHO, this bill is really pointless and toothless, because there is already an existing law regarding child support.

  67. What if the father served 2 years in jail, is he still obliged to pay 30,000 every 6 months when he gets out? What if he fails to give the child support is he going back to jail?

  68. Ive tried going to PAO for assistance re my child support claim. The father gives monthly but it is not enough because the child is with disability. He works as a nurse in Australia while i am unemployed. The PAO lawyer told me that if i file RA 9262, it will not prosper because the guy is not in our jurisdiction. Thinking about what the lawyer said will only frustrate you further. What i did was, i contacted the Child Support Agency in Australia and since we have a reciprocal agreement with their country, they told me that they might be able to assist me by assessing the correct amount for the child support and if i prefer, they can collect from the guy in australia and send the child support cheque by mail to me. They instructed me to contact the Solicitor General in manila because in order for CSA to act on my assessment, our government has to refer my case to them. I have already forwarded the necessary docs to solgen and awaiting response. My point now is – this HB should also look into former filipinos also and how this bill can apply to them. Ang feeling ko kasi sa PAO is parang dinidiscourage pa nila ako instead of helping me. They should educate and assist or guide me on what to do. Hopefully this HB will encompass all guilty – whether filipinos, foreigners and former filipinos.

  69. How long will it take for this bill to be pass on to senate? This will greatly help single moms like me especially if the father is living a luxurious life. Will it matter if Im not letting my child live with his father since there is no financial support? Besides, my kid is just 5y/o so the custody is automatically to the mother right?

    • The law of 5 years and he is automatically in the custody of the mother is beyond any knowledge I have of your law – saying that, you can file charges against this man already under law RA 9262

  70. Finally. Now this is going to be interesting in the local showbiz world where lots of young actors have gotten actresses pregnant and left them on their own. This is so prevalent also among the masses especially in the squatters area. It is surprising that foreigners are cited when there just a few cases of these and it is among sex workers.

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