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Seismologists: Davao, Mati and Compostela Valley at high risk of major quake


Seismology Experts Say Davao at High Risk of Major Earthquake – Including Mati and Compostela Valley –

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The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seimsmology (Phivolcs) has said the city of Davao and surrounding regions are at ‘high risk’ of a major earthquake, possibly one which could reach seven or higher on the Richter Scale.

Phivolcs announced that it has discovered “several new cracks” in the ground in Mati City in Davao Oriental, along with other regions in Compostela Valley province.

A known fault line which is approximately 320-kilometers long called the “Surigao-Mati” fault line created the presence of the new cracks found  in various regions.

The “Surigao-Mati” fault line is the same line that triggered a massive earthquake in 1893 which scientists now say measured 7.2 on the Richter scale.

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That earthquake had an epicenter in what now is known as the municipality of Mankayo, Cabnalit.

Phivolcs warned that if a similar magnitude earthquake would occur in Monkayo region, Davao City would experience a destructive 7.0+ magnitude quake in less than a minute.

Recent sightings of the cracks were conducted during a trenching project in the regions of Mati City and Compostela Valley.

Phivolcs said that since many buildings are constructed on ‘soft ground’ in the Davao City region, a 7.0 earthquake would be devastating.

It has also predicted that if the earthquake would happen in the sea near these areas, a tsunami would strike the coast hard – Phivolcs said for that to happen, the earthquake would have to measure approximately 8.3 on the Richter Scale.

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Officials for Phivolcs said “This only proved that we have an active fault line,” when referring to the recent discovery of the cracks.

Officials noted that they are certain another strong tremor could occur at anytime in the near future.

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  2. dapat maghanda tayo!!

  3. And of course, this was exactly the reason a group of Expats and Filipinos on June 30, 2013, got the Davao City Council to pass an ordinance forbidding any further development of subdivisions on Davao’s Shrine Hill, an area obviously at risk of severe landslide.

    Even then, it was widely known and previously widely announced by Mayor Rody Duterte that there was a fault line running along the west or backside of Shrine along Diversion Road. Still, certain council members over that six year period refused to acknowledge the high degree of risk of death and injury to occupants of such proposed subdivisions and worse, to those below whose homes and families would be totally buried. We don’t know why . . .

    It took six years but thank God we got the support of then Mayor Sara and key perceptive and concerned members of the City Council.

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