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Guns, drugs, sex toys and even a civet cat confiscated at Bilibid Prison


Bilibid Prison, Nice

High-Powered Firearms, Drugs, Airsoft Guns, Sex Toys and Civet Cat Among Items Confiscated in Latest Raid at Bilibid Prison –

In the latest embarrassment to hit the New Bilibid Prison, a group of 18 members of the Bureau of Corrections SWAT team, along with Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency, conducted a raid on the most notorious prison in the Philippines.

Confiscated in the raid were numerous gadgets, high-powered firearms, drug paraphernalia, over 60 improvised bladed weapons, wooden knuckles, an LCD TV, a refrigerator – and, to top it all off, sex toys and a civet cat.

Many other items were confiscated including cellular phones, chargers, various firearms and several airsoft guns – yet another embarrassment to the judicial system of the Philippines.

Bilibid Prison has been one of the biggest laughing-stocks of the Philippines penal system – a notorious drug lord prison, anything and everything goes when raids are conducted on-site.

Police say they also confiscated a total of 140,000 pesos in cash during the raid, which is nice for them.