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Police Release Sketch of 1 Kidnapper in Samal Island Abduction – The Insanity Continues


Police Release Sketch of 1 Kidnapper in Samal Island Abduction – The Insanity Continues –

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Special Investigation Task Group assigned to Ocean View Marina in Samal Island has released what they call a cartographic sketch of one of the eleven men responsible for the abduction of four victims, one Filipino and three foreigners.

The sketch is highly unprofessional and worthy of a 3-year-old with crayons – the description was given by the couple who were pistol whipped on the one boat and left on the docks – they did not jump off a moving boat as first reported.

The American national and Japanese wife described the assailant as 5′ 2″ inches tall, dark complected and also described their clothing – sorry to say but between the sketch and the description I’d gander a guess that about 97-million people in the Philippines are guilty at this point.

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So far the entire 3-ring circus has come to town – first they give the media the incorrect photographs of the men taken – then they give what is called a ‘professional sketch’ of one of eleven men that looks like 96% of all males in the Philippines and to add insult to injury they now admit to have had Intel on the Abu Sayyaf wanting to kidnap foreigners on the island of Samal since June of this year.

Reports say that the PNP and the Philippine Army are in a “hot pursuit” operation against the kidnappers? oh really?

With three botched parts of the entire incident already leaked to the press, what other incredible news will come when the incident ends? if it ends.

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This kidnapping already reminds me of the ‘made for movie’ version of one of the most ill-fated kidnappings in the Philippines to hit the press – where the Army is killing its own men, they eventually kill some of the kidnapped and many other bungled attempts to make a real ass of the entire situation.

Here we sit on Samal Island, the choppers doing their daily trips, not a single military personnel on the ground here and just about everything is back to normal except the idea that there is barely a foreigner or Filipino from another district in site.

The story goes that a gun turret is being built on the otter rim of the marina – as always, too little to late – now all the island is worried about is tourism failure, for some probably heart failure and to add insult to injury the Philippines Intelligence groups already knew since June that the Abu Sayyaf was coming, hmmmm.

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Where oh where does the stupidity end? well, I’m positive there is plenty more to come – just sit back, get the popcorn ready and when you see the pink elephants coming to the main arena, just remember – the ‘fat lady’ isn’t even close to singing.

Let’s just hope they don’t ask for another sketch from anyone in Oceanview Marina – if they are, I’ll get my son, crayons and some nice sketch paper ready.


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