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Filipina arrested for cracking bomb joke at Manila airport


Filipina Arrested at NAIA For Bomb Joke –

A 50-year-old Filipina, who was scheduled on a flight for Riyadh at NAIA Terminal 2, was arrested after she cracked a bomb joke heard by several airport personnel.

Chief Superintendent Pablo Rancisco Balangtas said that passenger Daisy David Medallon was about to board Philippine Airline flight PR #654 bound for Riyadh at 9.10am when she was held for her outburst.

Balagtas said during the check-in procedure, Medallon was advised by airport security to remove some of her stuff due to excess baggage. However, when Medallon lifted the box she said: “MAY SASABOG SA BAGAHE KO PATI EROPLANO N’YO SASABOG.”

Airport security relayed the matter to their duty supervisor who called airport police who immediately responded and arrested her.

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Police informed Medallon that she violated Philippines Law Presidential Decress PD #1727 (the Malicious Dissemination of False Information) or the wilful making of any threat concerning bombs, explosives and any similar device or means of destruction.

Medallion is now under the custody of the Intelligence and Investigation Section of NCR-AVESEU.

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