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Bureau of Immigration warns of scam hitting love-struck foreigners


Bureau of Immigration Warns Against New Scam Involving Foreigners –

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is warning those ‘in love’ about a new scam that is doing the rounds in the Philippines.

On Thursday the BI issued a warning about those who are sweet-talked into meeting up for love by telephone.

The scam involves people posing as foreigners looking for new love. Once they arrange to meet up with their would-be love they are suddenly arrested by a supposed BI officer. They then claim to need financial aid to get them out of BI custody.

“The supposed foreigner, who in reality is part of a syndicate, (will) arrange for a meeting and make it appear that they are arriving in the Philippines at a given date. The Filipino then receives a call from someone who claims to be an officer from the BI and demands money to ‘release’ the foreign national from custody. The Filipino immediately remits money but never gets to see the foreign national acquaintance,” a BI spokesman said.

Siegfred Mison said immigration officers at the airport are not authorized to make the first contact with non-passengers. It is “even more illegal to demand for money from anyone.”

“We advise our Filipino kababayans to exercise vigilance with their internet acquaintances to avoid being victimised by scammers,” he said.

Mison added that the Bureau of Immigration did not hold passengers who were arriving into the country unless they had been blacklisted or excluded from entry in the country under the Philippines Immigration Act. If they are held for a prior offence then: “In the latter case, the passenger is sent back to the port of origin on the next available outbound flight.”

Mison also said that excluded passengers were given the reason and could demand a copy of the exclusion order. “They will not be prohibited from making a call to their friends in order to seek assistance,” he said.

The Bureau of Immigration has advised all Filipinos who are expecting ‘guests’ from another country to know their exact airport location and flight number to verify the truthfulness of their claim.

Mison said they can call the BI hotline at (02)465-2400 to check if a passenger is actually in BI custody at any airport in the country.

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  1. Wow they know no bounds when it comes to scams after this what will be next they have to be some of the most inventive people in the world when it comes to scams L.O.L.

  2. So, this us a scam that asks the Filipinos for money to release the (fake) foreigner that they are supposed to meet at the airport?!?!?!? LOLOLOL They think they can squeeze the Filipinos to pay for the foreigner? Good luck!

  3. Umm I’m kinda confused by how it’s written but I’m assuming the peeps posing as foreigners must be Pinoy right? Or does this article mean to say it’s actual foreigners who are already in the Phils posing online to be currently in another country and going to the Phils right away in order to set up this strange scam set up…????

    • Why would foreigners ask philipinos for money? Jezz. Why would they scam a poor coutry. They are either philipinos or Chinese.

  4. Cuz if it’s not an obviously white guy or another Asian nationality… basically any other race besides Pinoy then well whoever is getting tricked by this scam must be the dumbest peeps on earth… Perhaps I just didn’t quite understand that article…

    • At this point it is difficult to tell who is doing the scamming but none the less it is happening – they are only using the foreigner mentality to lynch the filipinos into paying them

  5. Poor philippinas being scamed by their own country people.

  6. Poor philipinas being scamed by their own people.

  7. Well, I think it’s the work of Nigerians here…They are the original scammers and they can get money even how small is that.that’s their work

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