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Angeles City Launches Tourism Police Unit


Angeles City Launches Tourism Police Unit –



40 policemen will be the first of its kind in Angeles City when they launch their Tourism Police Unit who will be securing and promoting renowned tourist spots throughout the city. 


The Angeles City Police Office has joined forces with the Department of Tourism in launching the first ever tourism police unit in Central Luzon. 


Said to be part of a government project – the new force will be known as “Tourist-Oriented Police for Community Order and Protection.”


Republic Act #9593, or the Tourism Act of 2009, stipulated the establishment of a tourism security force within the PNP ‘to assist in maintaining peace and order in areas with high tourism traffic.’


The TOPCOP program provides continuing training for city tourism police, including tourism awareness seminars, hosting seminars, cultural sensitivity seminar, emergency response and lifesaving, crisis management, community-based guiding, foreign language, and familiarization tours.






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“This is a project of DOT all over the country, particularly in places or towns and cities where tourism is quite significant. We conduct training on becoming tourist friendly, even responding to emergency situations. Once passed, police attendees are given certificates of completion with uniform (blue T-shirt) for easy identification,” Tiotuico noted to a local new agency. 


He added that the tourist police were given special workshops and trainings to develop their cultural, interpersonal, and communication skills.


“Our seminars are coordinated with the PNP headquarters. The purpose is to ensure the safety and security of tourists, especially foreign,” he explained.


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The project is noted to have increased police visibility in tourist areas, but will also enhance the investigations on crimes committed against tourists.



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  1. Greg Taylor | March 28, 2015 at 1:29 pm |

    Dear sirs,
    I was scamed out of 910 dollars my last few days in angles city,,,,,, the money was to go to my room and of course didnt,,,, the daughter of a family friend ,,,do I have any recourse ,,,,can i press charges against this young lady,,,,,I have tried many email addresses for the police in Angeles City,,,,is it possible to get a good email address for the police there,,,,thank you for your time,,,,, sincerely,,,,, Greg Taylor

    • Timothy Walker | March 29, 2015 at 1:44 am |

      The only way to file charges against the hotel is to be in Angeles City, Philippines law says that you must file the charges in the region, city are area that the offense happened in. Where might you be at the moment? please reply me on my private email at

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