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Ken Carey New Release “Back Into the City” Filmed on Location in Davao City, Philippines [VIDEO]




Nighttime in Davao City – “Back into the City”




With the success of “Children of Davao” – Kenneth Carey has released his smooth, electrifying song “Back Into the City.”









Ken’s pride of the Philippines shines bright as the video for his latest hit is filmed on location in and around Davao City, Philippines. Ken has spent nearly 2 years in Southeastern Asia and has learned to fine-tune his eclectic style to the Filipino people.


With mentors like Dave van Ronks, Jimmy Hendrix, Jose Feliciano, Elvin Lee and many more, Kenneth Carey is destined to become a legend in his global trek to achieve the highest level of musical composure.


A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Ken has traveled extensively, playing with the likes of Dave van Ronks and along side of numerous others that have gained stardom throughout the world.











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Socials Media and other online playing venues such as have given Ken a leading edge on finding a higher plato to the music industry. Not only has Ken performed in the U.S., Europe and Asia, he has sat in venues throughout the Philippines, seamlessly drawing crowds that are simply amazed by his enthusiastic energy.


Back to the City” is just a piece of Ken’s commitment to a new style Filipino Rock that is sweeping the country. He has many changes throughout his life and his step into the Asian music scene is just one more uplifting adventure in making it all come together for you.


Check out Ken’s music videos on YouTube and stay tuned for more up and coming news on Ken’s adventures, music, and lifestyle throughout Asia. Join us here at for more information or contact Ken directly at




Kenneth Carey                                             “Looking for Major Endorsements” and “Bookings”

Actor – Composer –Musician

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